2014 Halloween Special: When a Stranger Cums

This Halloween, MonsterCub.com presents When a Stranger Cums.  This thrilling new scene features Damien Matteo, horned up, waiting for his man to get home.  He patiently waits and teases himself until he hears a knock at the door. He answers to a husky cub, all in black, wearing a twisted clown mask.  Damien is into kinky stuff and role play, so he obliged the stranger to come inside.  The stranger silently follows Damien to his room, where he ravages and plows Damien.  Fucking his face, ramming toys up his hole.  Stretching him out with his fat dick.  You must watch … Read more

Furry Tale Exclusive: How I met my Cubby.

How I met my Cubby It may come as a shock, but I have spent the majority of my young life single.  I have been in three major relationships.  Although one could arguably be considered a short romance, with lots of sex after the break up.  There have also been a number of men in my life who I had intimate experiences with but the relationship wasn’t very deep or fulfilling.  But this story isn’t about all of them.  This story is about my Jorge, aka Joe Cubbenstein, aka Cubby. To really begin this tale, I have to put a … Read more