New Furry Tales: Raunchy Renters, Landlord rules

Lucky Hunters, Lucky Pierre by Stout Cub It was Friday and as usual the minute I finished work at 10pm sunday night I was eager for 2 things: beer and ass. My week had been a shit one; busy and with a lot of long hours doing security at the club – throwing drunk fucks out and dealing with queens trying to scratch each others eyes out wears you down after a while. I needed a cold drink and a warm tight hole to fuck. I got to thinkin about a bud of mine from back in my early 20s … Read more

New Release: Brunch Bangers

After Bear Dance 2017 at TBRU, Dean Gauge and I ended up crashing with Gabe Duval. I’m a heavy sleeper, but Dean and Gabe managed to play on the back deck for a bit before bringing the action inside. Once I finally wake up and check things out, those boys welcomed me to join in. I stack these boys up, eat their butts, and tease their holes. Gabe and I banged Dean silly. And I couldn’t miss this opportunity to finally get balls deep in Gabe’s warm welcoming ass. Banging before brunch has never worked up my appetite quite like … Read more

New Release: Dusty’s Day Dream

Ever since Dusty said he was going to Texas Bear Roundup, he knew I would be there, and I wanted his bubble butt. Dusty decided to head back to his room after the pool and rub one out. I show up to take advantage. He was magnificent and timid at the same time. He giggled and gagged all over my cock. I needed to taste his hot young boy butt too. He was a little worried I wouldn’t fit inside his ass, but I coached him through it and he took every fat inch in no time. I gave this … Read more