New Release! Bear Affair 2

Eric has been on the outs with his girlfriend for a few weeks. She won’t suck his dick or let him put it in her butt. So he asked Rhino to take care of servicing him, and Rhino was more than happy to oblige. Watch this thick ginger stud fuck the hell out of Rhino’s furry ass and mouth. Whoever said side flings were wrong? Watch what happens next!

Our Father’s Day Special, “Daddy’s Day”

Lanz and new daddy, Blake have been seeing each other for a few months. And being that neither of them could spend the day with their father’s, Lanz decided to do the next best thing. While Blake slept, Lanz prepared a little breakfast in bed for him. When Blake realizes this nice gesture, he’s not hungry for a bagel, he’s hungry for Lanz’s cock. Blake starts to slobber and suck down Lanz’s meaty uncut cock before the two of them move into a 69 position. Lanz devours Blake’s ass and teases his hole until he finally mounts his ass and … Read more