How the Boy became the Cub

As long as I could remember, I assumed that all gay men were metrosexual and “pretty”.  When I was trying to come out of the closet I wanted to resist the trends I kept seeing by the “mainstream” gay men that I knew.  However, I wasn’t quite sure who or where to find my place in the community. When I learned what gay bears were initially, I was repulsed.  The image of the bear community for me at the time involved lots of leather, fur, fat, and sloppy unprotected sex.  Bear men were seen as animals that just like to … Read more

My Coming out Story

I didn’t know I was gay right away.  There were little things here and there that seemed to make me feel like I was different than most boys.  When I was 6 I kissed my best friend at the time Evan.  I did this on the bus on the way home from school in front of at least 4 other kids.  Even as an adult looking back on it, that behavior seemed strange.  Even more so, I called him Charlene when I did it.  There has never been a Charlene in my life. I never really had a girlfriend.  I … Read more