New Release: BEARthday Wish

Devin Doss told me before last year’s Texas Bear Round Up, that he really wanted to fuck Leo Stone in a scene. Luckily for him, I know Leo quite well and could try to arrange it. I talked to Devin’s boyfriend and told him that he would have a hot video to watch if he could write Devin a little note to keep him in his room for a bit. He then gave his room key to Leo Stone, whom snuck in sucks off a napping Devin. Devin awakes startled by Leo’s hot mouth sucking away on his fat black dick. Devin relaxes and let’s Leo do all the work. After a bit though, Devin gets thirsty for cock too, and he starts sucking off Leo, letting his nuts bang him in the chin. They make out a bit and suck eachother a little longer. Then Leo jumps up on Devin’s dick and slides it up his ass to the balls. He rides Devin hard for a while then Devin gets him on his back and dives his dick right back up Leo’s hole. Leo can’t help but gasp and smile with every inch of dick rammed up his fuck hole. Devin flips him onto his knees and starts pounding Leo’s ass at the edge fo the bed. His balls were slapping into Leo’s taint with all the sweat dripping. After a thorough fucking, Leo and Devin feed each other a load. Bonus fuck at the end. Enjoy!

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