Hunt or be Hunted

Calling all Monster Cub Lovers! I just posted a steamy hot outdoor scene you gotta check out. Here is a little bit about it. Hector Habib is a curious young chaser. He shouldn’t have gone into the woods alone. He soon discovers Hunter Scott having a stroke off the path behind a deserted boat. He eagerly gets on his knees and starts to service Hunter’s cock. Hunter eventually flips Hector’s ass in the air and gets him naked. He mounts Hector and slams him full of fatty bear dick. Hector takes a load to the face and blows a huge … Read more

Battle of the bulge

Back when I was in school I was a varsity wrestler. I wrestled for over 6 years and was considered pretty good. I had won several tournaments, titles, and often times was depended on by the team to psych out my opponent. One thing I get asked is whether I ever got a boner while wrestling, and NO, I never did. But I like to think I fantasized about fucking around with other wrestlers all the time. Wrestling practice was quite the ordeal. Ideally, I could lose about 10 to 15 pounds if I wore sweats and pushed myself during … Read more