New Release: “Hot Bear Yoga”

In a nod to a past Youtube video of mine, I decided to put together this hot yoga scene. Nash is very in tune with meditation and yoga. He suggested that we strip down and practice some poses. This of course leads to some stretching and positions that are a little compromising. It’s not long before I have him in a 69 with my tongue up his butt and my cock lodged down his throat. Watch me bang Nash’s butt until we achieve mutual Zen.

New Release: Sid’s Seduction

Rhino has been working his restaurant job all day. Sid has been hanging out, waiting for him to get home. Rhino is not in the mood, but that changes when Sid convinces him to let him suck his dick and at least see if he changes his mind. What happens next is unexpected as Sid was planning to get fucked by Rhino. Although, Rhino ends up getting fucked instead after Sid gets revved up from eating Rhino’s ass.