New Furry Tales: Raunchy Renters, Landlord rules

Lucky Hunters, Lucky Pierre by Stout Cub It was Friday and as usual the minute I finished work at 10pm sunday night I was eager for 2 things: beer and ass. My week had been a shit one; busy and with a lot of long hours doing security at the club – throwing drunk fucks out and dealing with queens trying to scratch each others eyes out wears you down after a while. I needed a cold drink and a warm tight hole to fuck. I got to thinkin about a bud of mine from back in my early 20s … Read more

New Furry Tales: Who’s the Boss?

Working security was always one of my favourite jobs: meeting and chatting to all the different characteers that would come in and out of the bar meant no night was ever dull. It also gave me more than enough chances to get my dick sucked after hours or down the alleyway beside the bar. But then, on one particular night it turned out I didnt need to look much further than the bar to get myself some hot fuckin. So the night in question was a fuckin wash out in November. The weather had really taken a turn and I … Read more

New Furry Tale! Unfinished Business by Hunter Scott

Unfinished Business By Hunter Scott I never realized how many guys were that into me until they pour it out through a messenger. Most of my life I couldn’t take the hint usually when a hot guy was into me. More recently I have been accumulating fans, but there were plenty of guys into me before I started doing porn. This story lies on the cusp of that. I was visiting some friends in Tampa, FL. My one buddy, Kevin, was going to let me crash at his place for the night. Our mutual buddy Julio was going to join … Read more

New Furry Tales: Fuck me before my son gets home

I found this story and this picture on tumblr.  I did not write this.  This is erotic fiction by a third party and I thought it was really hot.  As far as I can tell the source is hellooodaddy.  The picture is of a friend, Brad Allison.   Fuck me before my Dad gets home My college buddy Kevin’s Dad surprised me when I came home from class one day. He’d come for a surprise visit and let himself into our apartment. I was rushing to get into my apartment as i needed to piss really bad, and I ran … Read more

Furry Tales: The Cubby Escort pt. 1

The Cubby Escort Part 1: Hot Fudge Sundae   People often describe loose women as sluts, whores, prostitutes.  Gay men often shame each other the exact same way.  But they don’t literally mean sex work.  They mean that individual is seemingly promiscuous from their point of view.  Most of this bull shit comes from jealous self righteous queens, who have no game themselves.   I discovered at a young age that the sexual power dynamic was something to grasp control of.  If I could make a few bucks off of my sexual desirability, what’s the harm in a little safe … Read more

Furry Tale Exclusive: How I met my Cubby.

How I met my Cubby It may come as a shock, but I have spent the majority of my young life single.  I have been in three major relationships.  Although one could arguably be considered a short romance, with lots of sex after the break up.  There have also been a number of men in my life who I had intimate experiences with but the relationship wasn’t very deep or fulfilling.  But this story isn’t about all of them.  This story is about my Jorge, aka Joe Cubbenstein, aka Cubby. To really begin this tale, I have to put a … Read more

Battle of the bulge

Back when I was in school I was a varsity wrestler. I wrestled for over 6 years and was considered pretty good. I had won several tournaments, titles, and often times was depended on by the team to psych out my opponent. One thing I get asked is whether I ever got a boner while wrestling, and NO, I never did. But I like to think I fantasized about fucking around with other wrestlers all the time. Wrestling practice was quite the ordeal. Ideally, I could lose about 10 to 15 pounds if I wore sweats and pushed myself during … Read more

How the Boy became the Cub

As long as I could remember, I assumed that all gay men were metrosexual and “pretty”.  When I was trying to come out of the closet I wanted to resist the trends I kept seeing by the “mainstream” gay men that I knew.  However, I wasn’t quite sure who or where to find my place in the community. When I learned what gay bears were initially, I was repulsed.  The image of the bear community for me at the time involved lots of leather, fur, fat, and sloppy unprotected sex.  Bear men were seen as animals that just like to … Read more