New Furry Tales: Who’s the Boss?

Working security was always one of my favourite jobs: meeting and chatting to all the different characteers that would come in and out of the bar meant no night was ever dull. It also gave me more than enough chances to get my dick sucked after hours or down the alleyway beside the bar. But then, on one particular night it turned out I didnt need to look much further than the bar to get myself some hot fuckin.

So the night in question was a fuckin wash out in November. The weather had really taken a turn and I spent the evening dodging in and out of the pouring rain unless I had to card someone on the door – people were thin on the ground in the bar that night anyway so when the rain started to cause severe flooding a few blocks over, my boss Rob decided to shut the doors early for the night and sent everyone home. He had sent the rest of the bar staff home so I helped him get the place cleaned up before I left. I never minded helping him with the work after hours – to be honest, he was one handsome bear daddy. He was in his late 40s, shorter than me but nice and strong built; the type of man that has been working all his life so he had that sweet mix of bulk and muscle that showed in his stout chest and strong burly gut. He smoked a few a day so he had this damn sexy, gravely voice that used to make me hard every time I thought about it. So seeing him bending over and stacking the coolers or lifting chairs always gave me a glimpse of his big round, strong ass and a twitch in my briefs.

As I was heading out I said goodnight and he called back:

“Doesn’t look like you are heading anywhere fella,” he said and pointed to the TV over the bar.

The local news showed mass flooding all the way around the outside blocks – there goes any chance I had of getting home unless I wanted to spend 2 hours driving around them.

“Ah fuck it,”I said, I was looking forward to getting home, having a smoke and seeing what bubble butt cub I could get online to come over and sit on my cock.

“Hey you can always crash at mine Hunter, Ive got the spare room in the apartment, no need to go driving in this weather,”Rob said. He had a sweet apartment that took up the entire second floor of the building; he had thrown parties for the staff there for birthdays and stuff.

“That would be great boss thanks,” I replied and we grabbed a case of beer and went upstairs.

At this point, the thing I was most pissed off about was the fact that my clothes were fairly drenched even though I had a windbreaker on when I was doing the door. When we got upstairs, Rob turned on the lights and heat and patted me on the back saying

“Ok lets have a beer or 3,” and he noticed my shirt was wet, “damn Hunter your soaked. I dont think any of my clothes will fit ya buddy but I have a robe you can wear if ya like?”

“Yeah sure thing Rob,” thinking that I was about twice as broad as him but I didnt care. I never had any worries about being naked so I would have stripped down to my briefs.

He went and fetched a bathrobe for me and I went into the spare room to get my wet clothes off so he could put them in the dryer. Stripping down to my underwear I put the robe on – it barely closed so I didnt bother and left it hanging open, it was nice and toasty in the apartment anyway so I didnt really mind him getting an eyeful of my package and belly.

I came back out and Rob was sitting in the living room with a couple of beers open on the table:

“well that doesn’t fit too well sorry buddy”

“Its all good boss, its nice and warm in here anyhow,” I replied and sat on the couch, taking a slug of beer.

“Well, to make ya feel more comfortable, ill get out of these clothes too, wouldnt want my guest to feel ill at ease,” he said, with a wink. I paused, then thought nothing of it. He was a fairly open guy, so I didnt read too much into it.

He headed into the bedroom and returned a few minutes later in just a white Nasty Pig jockstrap.

“There, now we are comfortable,”he said and sat on the couch beside me grabbing his beer.

THIS I didnt need to think about twice. He was sitting beside me, I could see he already had a bulge going in his jock – and from the looks of it, he was packing quite a big unit.

“man its actually real hot in here,”i said and stood up, sliding the robe off. I sat back down and his hand ran itself over my thick thigh.

“Ive never told you this Hunter, and I wanted to. But I have wanted to get with you since I first hired you”.

“Damn I didnt know,”I replied, and it was true; I had no idea.

“Oh yes. Seeing you standing out on that door in your tight trousers and t-shirt; fuck I would have a rock hard boner every night finsihing work” he said, his had rubbing up and down my thigh. I started doing the same, feeling his thick legs.

“Well then now you get some hands on experience then,” I said and grabbed him, pulling his body over to me and kissing him deeply. His salt and pepper goatee tickling my chin as I licked and tongued his mouth. his hands started groping my thick chest and playing with my soft nipples, making me harder and harder with each second.

I started running my hand down his furry chest to his crotch and grabbed a handful of his bulge. Fuck his cock was so thick, and I could feel it pulsing in my grasp as i kneaded it with my big paw.

“Let me get a look at this cock,”i said and moved onto my knees in front of him, between his meaty thighs. I pulled the jock fabric aside and unfurled his big thick cock. It wasnt overly long, maybe around 6 inches but it was the width of a coke can and fit snugly in my grip as I started jerking it. I moved the jock fabric more to let his balls outs and they too were fucking huge and sagging.

“That cock aint gonna suck itself fella, go to town on it for your boss,” he said and pulled my head towards his crotch

I slid my tongue down the length of the shaft from the helmet, taking the cock into my mouth, feeling it fill the side of my cheeks. Fuck it was thick, it throbbed deeply as I started to suck on it and roll him big balls around in my hand. He started moaning and pulling on his big thick chest, rubbing his nipples with his free hand.

“Thats it, take that dick all the way in,’ he said and started thrusting his crotch into my face, fucking my mouth. I was rock hard at this point – ‘Im sucking my bosses dick’ I thought; it was always a fantasy of mine. He put one hand on the back of my neck and started really thrusting his crotch against me now, ramming that cock deeper and deeper. I took it for a solid 2 minutes and then pulled up for air, gasping, a stream of precum on my lips. I leaned up and kissed him, the sweet juice covering our lips.

“Think its time Iintroduced you to my meat,” i said and stood up, my underwear still on, leaked precum soaking the front of the the briefs. He slowly slid them down and i kicked them off, my dick springing to attention, nodding with pleasure. He wrapped one hand around my nuts in a tight grip, pulling down slightly, and then in one motion, swallowed my cock whole. My head spun, I fuckin love being deep throated. Feeling my cock press the back of his mouth, his tongue, crazy, running all around the shaft while he sucked. His hads left my crotch and reached around to my huge, strong asscheeks. He grabbed them and thrust me into his face, fucking himself in the mouth with my member. I pulled on my nipples, tugging them and feeling the pleasure all over me. His fingers started probing closer to my asshole, rubbing the soft pink hole, making me quiver. I hadnt bottomed in years; tongue was as far as it went but something told me Rob wanted in there.

“Get up on the couch, your Boss wants to taste that asshole,” he ordered and I went along with it, kneeling on the couch facing over the back of it, my arch bent outwards to maximise his access. I felt his hands spread my cheeks and his wet, precum covered lips lapping at my ass and i started to moan loudly. Fuck he knew how to eat an ass. Every so often he would stop and give me a strong slap on my big buttocks, leaving his mark.

“You like that big fella; how bout some cock in there, ” he said standing up, jerking his rock hard dick

“You can try that dick daddy but your likely to split me in half,”I laughed over my shoulder; I wasnt really feeling it right then but didnt want to get on the wrong side of my boss.

“You’re a big boy, you can take it,” he said and opened a drawer in the coffee table, pulling out a tube of Glide lube. He soaked his cock in it and then started massaging it into my hole, the cold made me tense initially but then his fingers slowly worked their way inside me, relaxing my tight ass. He started fucking me with 2 fingers inside, the feeling going from discomfort to starting to feel good until my softened dick was rock hard again.

“THere you go, see? That big dick of yours is standing right up again,” he said and i felt his burly, hairy body behind me, his cocks helmet pressing against my hole.

“Spread those fucking cheeks for me boy, I need to aim this beast so I can give you a proper fucking” he said, and I reached back to spread my cheeks apart and let him in. I felt the head press against my hole and he grabbed my hips, slowly sliding inside me until he was all the way down to his balls. I felt his belly on my back as he got comfortable, his coke can cock stretching my tight ass wide but hitting the right spot so that my cock spurted a stream of precum all over the couch.

“Fuck yeah,”he groaned and started thrusting, harder and harder until he built up a rhythm, the wet slap of his crotch on mine, his balls swinging underneath.

“Thats it big fella, take that cock, come on, ride it for daddy,” he shouted, giving me an open handed slap on my left cheek. I started backing against him in time with his thrusts, riding that dick which only made him pound harder. He grabbed both my shoulders and did a series of really hard thrusts, one after the other, letting his dick slide nearly all the way out before ramming it back in, I thought I was gonna blow with the pressure but I held it because I was thinking that after he is done, Im gonna repay the favour and pound that big daddy ass of his right back.

After ten minutes of pounding me he pulls out,

“Get on your back on the coffee table, I want to go real deep” he says and I get on the wide coffee table on my back.

He lifts my legs over his shoulders and slides right back in, goes straight to pounding me solidly again. The feeling of his huge balls slapping my ass as he pulled on my nipples drove me wild.

“FUck yeah thats it, im gonna cum fella, get ready” he shouts, and I feel his dick explode up my ass, but he keeps thrusting, the cum leaking out every time, the wet sound of his load covering my asshole made me precum even more.

“Oh fuck yeah, damn that hole is magic,”he moans as he slows down, pulls out and grabs a nearby towel to wipe the cum off his dick.

He sat back onto the couch exhausted, and I got up off the table, feeling the cum all over my hole.

“Oh no you don’t daddy, now its my turn to open that big ass of yours up,” I said and sat on the arm chair across from him, “get over here and sit on my dick”

He got up and turned around, spreading his asscheeks so his soft pink puckered hole was exposed. I grabbed the lube and covered my dick in it, then poured a good helping down the crack of his big round ass, repaying him with a hard slap on his right buttcheek. I slipped my fingers inside easily, widening him up for my dick to get in there.

“Fuck thats it boy, you’re making me hard all over again’ he said and sure enough, his thick limp dick had started flushing with colour again and throbbing – fuck this man is a hound for cock i thought.

I Finished getting him ready and then grabbed the waist band of his jockstrap, wrapping it around my fist and pulling him down onto my waiting cock like reigns.

“Spread them cheeks boss, and back the fuck up onto this dick” I said, pulling him back towards me. my cock head pressed against his hole and then I pulled him fast and hard the entire way down my shaft so he came to sit on my lap, my dick buried all the way up to the hilt in his warm fuzzy hole.

“Fucccccck,”he yelled, ” that is one strong dick fella” and he started bouncing his big ass on my lap, dropping harder and harder onto my cock. I slapped his ass as he rode me, thrusting up into him as deep as I could go, my balls heaving every time. He rode me like a prize stallion, grinding his ass down onto my dick every time he enveloped my cock fully with his butt.

I pulled out and bent him over the arm of the couch, I wanted to really pound him and I do that best when Im fucking an ass from behind.

I positioned myself behind him, rubbing my cock around his hole, teasing it. Grabbing the waist band of his jock again I pulled him onto me and started to really pound him. I thrust inside that big hairy ass as hard as I could, feeling my balls swell more and more with each pounding. I grabbed the waist of his jock again, using it to control his movement, pulling him back and repaying the hard fucking he gave my tender ass with a series of fast thrusts from the tip of my cock down to my balls.

“Fucking fill me up fella, i want your load inside me,” he roared.

I didnt need telling twice, I started to really pick up pace, feeling the load bubble up in my groin until I couldnt hold it any more and then with one raging hard thrust inside him as deep as I could go, my dick erupted and I felt my dick being surrounded by my thick creamy load in his hole, the extra dripping down his and my thighs as I pounded the remainder into him.

I pulled out and sat on the couch, he came and sat beside me.

“Fuck fella, after that, you deserve a raise” he laughed, then sucked the thick milky jizz off my cock.

The end..

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