New Release! “Train My Ass”

I have been working out since I was 12. But recently I felt like I needed to get a workout partner who can push my limits. That’s where Gio comes in. This lean muscle daddy knows his stuff around the gym, and had me working muscles I’ve never used before. After our workout, he invited me back to his place for shake and a stretch. He asked me if I wanted to shower, and I took it as an invitation to whip my cock out in front of him. His eyes widened up, and I’m sure his hole twitched too. … Read more

New Release, “UBear”

Bearsilien is visiting from Quebec. He knows how shitty Yellow Cab and other cab companies can be when taking care of tourists. So he decides to call UBear. UBear is just like other ride sharing companies, but every driver is a sexy bear. So I picked up Bearsilien on my route. Unfortunately, his payment credentials had issues because he was visiting from another country. I told him he can either put out, or get out and walk. Being the horny devil he is, he had no problem blowing me and getting fucked to pay for his fare. He also shoots … Read more

New Release: “Cum Over, Bro!“

New Release at “Cum Over, Bro!“ Lanz Adams and Sid Morgan. Lanz is chillin’ out having a smoke and a beer. He’s horned up as hell. So he decides to call buddy, Sid Morgan over for a little flipflop action. Sid is more than horny himself and wastes no time heading over to the house. The two of them start off with a little fluid exchange during some hot outdoor oral. It’s only a matter of time before Lanz had Sid riding his dick, and pumping his knees to milk it. After getting balls deep in Sid, Lanz gets … Read more