New Furry Tales: Who’s the Boss?

Working security was always one of my favourite jobs: meeting and chatting to all the different characteers that would come in and out of the bar meant no night was ever dull. It also gave me more than enough chances to get my dick sucked after hours or down the alleyway beside the bar. But then, on one particular night it turned out I didnt need to look much further than the bar to get myself some hot fuckin. So the night in question was a fuckin wash out in November. The weather had really taken a turn and I … Read more

Halloween Special: SQUEAL!

Nash Cooper was on his way from Tennessee to Columbia, SC to visit family. His car broke down on the back roads of the Midlands and left him stranded. Luckily Codey Knox came by in his pickup to save the day. Nash gets a ride, but passes out from exhaustion and wakes up in a pig pen. Surrounded by fuck hungry rednecks, Nash sucks and fucks every cock around him to satiate their appetites. After these good ol’ boys load up Nash’s pig hole, Nash keeps working his hole until his pops off too. Happy Halloween!

New Release: Dek for Dinner

Dek has never been the most punctual guy. He decided to make dinner plans with Rickey and Valentino, but he completely got sidetracked playing with his cock and ass. Rickey and Valentino wait for Dek to come out in hop in their car. Dek is so wrapped up in himself that he completely disregards his phone. The guys get out of the car and go to Dek’s apartment to check on him. To their surprise they discover him with one hand on his cock and another halfway up his ass. Watch these bears enjoy a tasty bottom boy appetizer. They … Read more

New Release: Sleepy Head

Zeke and Lanz know how to go all night. But it’s not a surprise that Zeke wanted to take care of our morning wood after a night out in Wilton Manors. He wakes Lanz and I up the best way possible by polishing our cocks with his pretty mouth. Lanz and I take turns plugging away at Zeke’s hungry mouth and furry ass. This boy is so eager he gets a load in both ends. It’s always a good time with Zeke and Lanz

New Release: A Few Loads Between Old Friends

Colby was looking for any reason not to go to church with his family on Sunday morning. In fact he’d rather get his dick sucked. Mathius Ezben happens to love a nice fat cock in his mouth and couldn’t resist helping Colby play hookie. After the precum starts flowing these two decide to take turns railing each other. Things start off a little slow, but after I jumped in to fuck them both, things start to get really hot