Cooking with MonsterCub: Father Son Pizza Time

Hey guys, Hunter Scott here. I was in South Carolina visiting family and I convinced my dad to finally do a Youtube video with me. My parents have taught me many of my recipes. My dad’s pizza is family favorite and tastes delicious. This video used to be 5 minutes longer, but since Youtube has me in “Bad standing” I can only post a maximum of 15 minutes per video until Thanksgiving.

New Release: “Fan(tasy) Fuck” with August Smith and Hunter Scott

New Release at  “Fan(tasy) Fuck” with August Smith and Hunter Scott Gus was a fan that had written me right before I launched MonsterCub for the first time. He seemed like a piggy guy. He wanted a dirty jock of mine to wear on his face while he got off to Cubby Chronicles. I finally convinced Gus to come visit and film with me last December. He was nervous and anxious to get rammed by me. Once I picked him up from the airport, I took him to his hotel. He checked in and we went to his room. … Read more

New Release: Sore Loser starring Lanz and Rhino

    8/7/15  New Release at, Lanz Adams and Rhino “Sore Loser” Lanz and Rhino love video games.  They are both super competitive when they play.  I would personally kick both their asses, but that’s another story.  After a heated battle, Lanz and Rhino start to wrestle around and end up going down on each other.  Sloppy cock sucking and rimming follow with kisses and tongues everywhere.  They end up in a 69 gagging on each other’s latin dicks.  Rhino eventually gets Lanz’s hole wet enough to shove his big boy horn right up his ass.  Rhino pumps away … Read more