New Release: Sore Loser starring Lanz and Rhino



8/7/15  New Release at, Lanz Adams and Rhino

“Sore Loser”

Lanz and Rhino love video games.  They are both super competitive when they play.  I would personally kick both their asses, but that’s another story.  After a heated battle, Lanz and Rhino start to wrestle around and end up going down on each other.  Sloppy cock sucking and rimming follow with kisses and tongues everywhere.  They end up in a 69 gagging on each other’s latin dicks.  Rhino eventually gets Lanz’s hole wet enough to shove his big boy horn right up his ass.  Rhino pumps away at Lanz giving him every inch and slapping his balls firmly against his ass cheeks.  Lanz starts to ride Rhino’s cock like a bucking bronco.  The scene ends in two tremendous cum shots from each of these guys.  Sore loser or Sore ass?  You decide!


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