New Release: Cubby Rub

Some of you may not know, but I’ve done a bit of massage work. Nothing better than making a guy squeal with pleasure by using my hands. Well, maybe if it was my cock making them do that instead. Dean Gauge decided to get a massage from me in order to relax from a busy week. It doesn’t take long with me putting pressure on him to get my cock in his mouth. Watch me take this pup from the massage table to the bedroom where I give his rectum a prostate massage with my fat dick.

2 Bears, 1 Shower

Lanz had a chance to get away to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights and decided to have a little fun while in town. He linked up with my old buddy Dakotah at his suite and decided to get wet and wild. Lanz hops in the shower with Dakotah and wastes no time warming him up and getting him hard as a rock. It isn’t long before Lanz slides his yummy uncut cock deep into Dakotah’s soapy, furry, butt. Dakotah loves a big fat cock up his butt and is more than eager to back that bubble butt right up to … Read more

New Release: “Hot Bear Yoga”

In a nod to a past Youtube video of mine, I decided to put together this hot yoga scene. Nash is very in tune with meditation and yoga. He suggested that we strip down and practice some poses. This of course leads to some stretching and positions that are a little compromising. It’s not long before I have him in a 69 with my tongue up his butt and my cock lodged down his throat. Watch me bang Nash’s butt until we achieve mutual Zen.

New Release: “Erection Day: Make America Gay Again”

I voted in this election, and I have voted in a few others. I don’t like discussing politics, but frankly I think we have overall become a more progressive country, and that’s awesome. So when it’s time to vote every November, I am often lectured on both sides, by friends and families on who I should vote for. So when campaign volunteer, Derrick Wayne came by to get my vote, I made him work for it. You see gay rights are pretty important to me, and I just wanted to make sure he and his candidate support my local gay … Read more

New Release! “Train My Ass”

I have been working out since I was 12. But recently I felt like I needed to get a workout partner who can push my limits. That’s where Gio comes in. This lean muscle daddy knows his stuff around the gym, and had me working muscles I’ve never used before. After our workout, he invited me back to his place for shake and a stretch. He asked me if I wanted to shower, and I took it as an invitation to whip my cock out in front of him. His eyes widened up, and I’m sure his hole twitched too. … Read more

New Release: “Cum Over, Bro!“

New Release at “Cum Over, Bro!“ Lanz Adams and Sid Morgan. Lanz is chillin’ out having a smoke and a beer. He’s horned up as hell. So he decides to call buddy, Sid Morgan over for a little flipflop action. Sid is more than horny himself and wastes no time heading over to the house. The two of them start off with a little fluid exchange during some hot outdoor oral. It’s only a matter of time before Lanz had Sid riding his dick, and pumping his knees to milk it. After getting balls deep in Sid, Lanz gets … Read more