New Release: “Erection Day: Make America Gay Again”

I voted in this election, and I have voted in a few others. I don’t like discussing politics, but frankly I think we have overall become a more progressive country, and that’s awesome. So when it’s time to vote every November, I am often lectured on both sides, by friends and families on who I should vote for. So when campaign volunteer, Derrick Wayne came by to get my vote, I made him work for it. You see gay rights are pretty important to me, and I just wanted to make sure he and his candidate support my local gay … Read more

MonsterCub Plays: Fall list

I have been taking advantages of sales at the PlayStation store. Here’s what I’m playing now. Be sure to check out my Youtube for uploads. Bastion, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Song of the Deep, Smite, and Resident Evil: HD Remake. League of Legends monstercubftl Battlenet MonsterCubFL PSN monstercubftl or blyth26 Stick of Truth Bastion Song of the Deep Resident Evil HD REmake Smite

2017 MonsterCub Calendar Preorder

This year we have some old favorites returning with new meat to bring you one sexy calendar. Click the button provided to preorder for delivery the week after Christmas. Check out some of the guys for this year’s lineup. Calendars are $25.00 each and include shipping. Pre-orders will end soon. MonsterCub 2017 Calendar Pre-Order Pre-order Price: $25.00 Shipping: Included

New Release: The Splurge

In tradition, we have a new Halloween Special at This year we pay homage to a recent Hollywood blockbuster. Watch as the brutish bears pounce on their prey. The Splurge complete with butt fuckery and creamed holes for everyone. See young Jonny Escobar make his debut, as he is stalked, used, and abused by brutes Hunter Scott and ZJ Woods. We tried out some bondage and interesting positions. Happy Halloween!