New Furry Tales: Raunchy Renters, Landlord rules

Lucky Hunters, Lucky Pierre by Stout Cub

It was Friday and as usual the minute I finished work at 10pm sunday night I was eager for 2 things: beer and ass. My week had been a shit one; busy and with a lot of long hours doing security at the club – throwing drunk fucks out and dealing with queens trying to scratch each others eyes out wears you down after a while. I needed a cold drink and a warm tight hole to fuck.

I got to thinkin about a bud of mine from back in my early 20s that I had reconnected with recently, Phil. We were tight back then and drunkenly fooled around a few times – the few times I could coax him to let me loose on that huge cock of his. Nothing to far, just some drunken blow jobs and kissin. We bumped into each other at the Supermarket recently and he was looking in great shape. He was a few years older than me and had aged really nicely. His frame was just as burly and strong as it had been back then but now had softened a bit – a perfect mix of muscle and bulk that was especially noticeable around his big sttrong ass and belly. His hair too had moved on and gone salt and pepper – he was a perfect daddy specimen.

We had said we should catch up but hadn’t had the chance yet. I thought, ‘What the hell, at the least he will have a beer and I can trawl Grindr for some ass for later. I called his cell.

“Hey Phil, Hunter here buddy,” I said.
“Why hey there fella, how are ya?,” he returned in is gravel thick voice; my dick twitched at the sound of it.
“Good man, looking for a beer buddy, fancy a cold one?”
“Im at home at the moment doing just that,come over”
I took his address, had a quick shower and opted for a nice and snug fitting pair of briefs and tight shorts with a tank top that showed off my thick arms (he always seemed drawn to my strength) and jumped in the car.

When I arrived, Phil greeted me in a big bear hug at the door, clapping my ass as he showed me in. He seemed like he was a bit tipsy – much to my liking.

“How have you been stud,” he asked grinning as we sat down. Him on a recliner and me on the couch.
“Good man, just finished work and fancied a beer so thought be good a time as any to catch up!”
“Absolutely,” he said handing me a beer. The heat that time of year was intense, and he seemed to have the air con off. I could see his t shirt sticking to his burly chest and his jeans were tight.

“Damn its hot at the moment aint it?” I said, glad I was wearing minimal clothing.
“fucking right bud, air con isnt getting fixed til tomorrow. Actually, im gonna change if you dont mind, fuckin boiling hot here buddy”. He said with a wink and headed off.

Just then, the front door opened and a young cub, must have been around 22/23 entered the front room. He was a solid husky guy, shirt opened up showing he was smooth chested with a nice goatee and thick thighs showing in his shorts.

“Hello there,” he said, eying me up. I have been checked out enough times to know when someone is thinking “I want a ride on that rodeo” so I knew he must have some tendancies to dick, “Im Chad, Phils lodger.”
“Hunter” I siad, and shook his hand, making sure to keep that eye contact and let him know his ass was going to be mine at some point that evening.
Just as we stood there, eyes locked, Phil returned in an open shirt with just a pair of briefs – really fucking small ones – on.
“Ah, I see you met Chad,” he said, “Fine young pair of fellas you are. Looks like you both think the same eh?” he said with a grin.

I sat back down and Chad took the armchair beside Phil. Phil passed him a beer and he took a long pull, eying me up the entire time. I adjusted my sack as it started to swell.

“Chad here has been living in my flat the past, what 6 months now isn’t it Chad?” Phil said, placing a hand on his shoulder firmly.
“Yup, best digs I ever had in College so far I can tell ya…and the rent is very reasonable” he smirked at Phil and Phil laughed back.

My gaze went from Chads stout belly and chest and his thick thighs to Phils exposed, furry body and bulging briefs. I could tell something was going on here and thought ‘Fuck it, im horny’.

“Oh yeah, how reasonable is that,” I said, grinning.

“Why don’t you show Hunter how reasonable I am as a landlord Chad eh?” Phil said.

“Right away Sir,”he smirked and stood up. Phil leaned the recliner into sitting position and Chad got stripped off, removing jeans exposed his round, shaved ass and thick thighs. He removed his shirt to shown rough hewn shoulders and a broad back, smooth as a bottle.

He got down on his knees between Phils huge thighs and spread his legs slightly. Then he started to suck on the thing fabric of his briefs, running his mouth along the shaft of his now throbbing cock.

“Chad pays my rent in kind,” he said, leaning forward over him and giving Chads big smooth ass a loud slap, “with this amazing asshole of his and that warm mouth”

“Best fuckin deal I could have had Sir,” he said and Phil stood up, shrugging off his shirt and turning around. His ass was as tasty looking as I remember it – Large but not womanly. Strong and pert but with some added padding. Framed by his tight tanga briefs, they looked like a pair of tasty cakes waiting to be devoured; my cock was about to burst out of my shorts and I could feel the precum dampness start to spread.

Chad slowly slid the briefs down over the curves of his hips and ass and off under his feet.

“Taste that fresh furry hole boy, “he said, spreading his cheeks open to expose his furry asshole,”feel free to let that beast of a cock of yours loose Hunter, I know this fuckpuppet would enjoy a good hogroast”.

I stood up and got out of my clothes but I sat back down, I was enjoying the foreplay of their performance and wanted to see this stud cub go to work on his boss.

“Put on a show for me and Ill get revved up here,”I said, stroking my rock hard cock.

“As long as you dont blow that load anywhere but inside me,”Chad said over his shoulder as he began to tongue fuck the brute in front of him. Phil groaned and pushed back against the cubs waiting tonuge, his body visibly shivering from the pleasure of the warm tongue darting into is ass.

“Thats it, eat those cakes you hot fucker,”he said, bending right over. I was eagerly waiting him to turn around, remembering how big that dick was.

“Turn around and remind how impressively hung you are big guy,” I said.

“Oh yeah – damn I never forgot how good you were on my dick Hunter, prime cocksucking,” he said and turned, Chad running his hands up and down his thighs.

He stood, hands on hips, his monster cock almost fully erect from the rimming. It was around 8inches long but it was also around 5inches thick. THe gleaming head showed just how much he enjoyed having his ass licked. Sweat glistened off his belly and chest. He started playing with his nipples as Chad took the huge meet into his hands and enveloped it all the way to the hilt with his mouth. Phil Grabbed him either side of his head and started to fuck his cock into the cubs mouth.

“Thats it, earn your keep fucker,” thrusting in, me stroking myself. I needed to get into the game. I was rock hard.

I got down behind Chad and lifted him so he was on all fours, Phils heaving meat still stretching his cheeks, spit and precum dripping from his mouth as he expertly massaged the cock with his tongue and lips.

Chad had a prime grade ass – big round smooth buttocks without a hair. I ran my hands over them and gave them a hard two handed slap, one on each cheek.

“You like that ass?”Phil said, working his nips, sweat dripping off his shaved head down his beard, “I shave that myself, makes sliding this meat in there a lot easier and its a joy to eat. Go on, have a taste”

I spread the ample buttocks and rammed my tongue into his soft pink hole, flicking the edges and feeling his body quiver in ecstasy. He automatically tried to shift away from my wet mouth but I grabbed his hips and held him in place, as Phil followed suit and grabbed his head, ramming his cock in and out of his mouth. The cub was an expert thats for sure. I started working a couple of fingers into his hole, feeling for the prostate, pushing it hard with my meaty digits. He let Phils cock free from his mouth and moaned “OH FUCK” and what looked like a constant jet of cum sprayed out from his thick cock as it pulsed.

“FUCK man, damn that was good,” he said over his shoulder, “but why the fuck did you stop?”

“Oh ill keep going ,” I said, reaching round and scooping up a handful of his large puddle of cum from the floor. I worked the cum into his ass, the puckered pink hole gleaming with jizz.

I positioned myself behind him and pushed my cock head against his tight asshole. my big, shiny helmet felt a little resistance but I slowly worked my way inside, sliding the length of my chubby, rock hard cock into his eager ass.

“MMMMMMM fuck thats a good fit Sir,” he moaned as Phil stood, massaging the cubs neck and stroking his cock. I got a tight hold on Chads firm hips and started building up steam, the sweaty slap of my skin against his and the sight of Phils hyper masculine body and attitude was making me fuck harder and harder; Phil came around and stood beside me.

“Dont let that mouth go to waste Hunter, why not revisit old times?” he said, shaking the slab of dick in my face.

“Thought you would never ask, “I said and let him feed me his dick as I pounded his cubs fat ass.

As the length of his dick slid into my mouth I remembered how much it strained my jaw the other times I sucked it but how quickly i became used to it. He rested a hand tenderly on the back of my thick neck and started slowly rolling his hips, feeding and retracting the hard shaft, his heavy, hairy balls slapping my chin.

“oh fuck, you two are on par at sucking dick, best damn cocksuckers I have ever had, and Ive had a fair share,” he laughed, his big strong belly heaving as he fucked my mouth.

“Im hard again, any chance I get a turn on one of those hairy holes of yours men?” he said in between grunts as i rammed my dick against his soft prostate.

“what ya say Hunter, how bout we get a fuck chain going here. You feel up to trying this meat on for size in your other hole?” he said, waving his dick around and slapping them on my lips.

“Fuck, about time, been wondering if I could take something that big since sucked you the first time. I rarely bottom but this is a fucking challenge I am willing to accept, ” Laughed and withdrew my dick from Chads ass with a pop.

“Right Chad, get on your knees and face the back of the couch,” Phil directed, and Chad obeyed, wiggling his chubby butt, waiting for a dick in it. Phil wrapped an arm around me and pulled me roughly into a wet sloppy kiss, his tongue running all over my lips, tasting his precum.

“That cum of mine tastes as sweet as ever stud yeah?” he said, his hand running down my large ass and sliding into the crack as his other stroked my wet cock.

“Like sugar daddy,” I said and grabbed a pawful of his huge strong buttocks.

With an open handed slap, he pushed me gently towards his cubs waiting hole, leaned over and got a tube of lube from the drawer in the coffee table. He sprayed a large dollop on my cock and another down Chads curvy ass crack, massging it deep in his hole with rough fucking movements.

“Get to work again Hunter, Im gonna prep that big ass of yours for daddys meat,” and knelt behind Chad on the couch and slid right back in and into my thrusting motion again. He groaned in pleasure as I started to fuck him again, giving his meaty ass cheek a heavy slap and grabbing a hold of it.

“Fuck yeah, do me rough as fuck Sir,”he moaned, which just made me even more aroused and I started pile driving his tight hole. I heard Phil pour some lube on his dick and rub it in, then felt the cold drip of it down the top of my ass crack, his large fingers running up and down between my cheeks as i pounded Chads ass. Slowly I felt one finger press my tight hole – I dont bottom, only for hyper masculine authorative dudes so it was hurting but It made me fuck harder to block it out.

His single finger slid in and out, slowly joined by another, then another, stretching me as my body pumped sweat and i roughly whipped Chads ass with my hand, grunting uncontrollably – I hadnt felt this turned on in ages, the mix of pleasure and pain a thrill. Phil was getting rougher now, really ramming his fingers in, he needed to, my ass had to be prepped for that cock. I felt him move behind me and his fingers withdraw. He slapped both my cheeks as he stood behind me, “You ready to be properly fucked stud?” he rumbled. I could feel his dick pressing my ass.

“Ah fuck yesss Sir, show me what it feels like to be pounded” I moaned.

He positioned himself behind me and I stopped thrusting momentarily so he could get inside. The thick, wet helmet pressed and my body tensed up. He reached one thick, hairy arm around my chest and came right up to my ear, his beard tickling my neck and whispered deeply

“Relax, open it up for my cock and let daddy fuck ya,” I shook in pleasure and it was like my entire body relaxed, the helmet POPPED inside me followed by the shaft. I roared as it filled me, but not in pain. The feeling of his huge bulk pressing my back and the shaft filling and swelling in my tight hole, his furry crotch and belly against my round buttocks made me feel like i had came but without the cum. He pressed against me until my ass fully enveloped his cock and his balls pressed against my inner thighs. In turn, I was pressed firmly against Chads ample ass, my rock hard dick still buried in to the hilt.

“Now let me fuck you both”Phil said, his arm still wrapped around my chest, licking my neck and he started to thrust slowly in and out. When he had almost withdraw, he rammed the cock back in, making both me and Chad grunt. HE started to build up pace and gave my a hard slap on my ass,

“Thats it, grind that big ass on daddys dick,” he said, and i started to grind my ass back onto him, meeting every hard thrust with its cushion. WE picked up pace, getting into a rhythm, he grabbed both my hips and started really piston fucking me, my ass stretched wide. I rammed my cock harder and harder into Chads eager hole, as he jerked his cock.

“Fuck me big guy, cum in my hole,” he groaned, backing his ass onto me as I did mine onto Phil.

I felt close, “Im getting close to cumming” I moaned.

“Wanna leave that load in me?” Phil said, pausing his thrusts

“You’d let me at that big ass of yours?” I said as he licked my shoulders and neck.

“Fuck yes, Ive always loved taking a hot sticky load up my hole boy,” he laughed and slid his still throbbing cock out my hole.

“damn, i wanted that cum up my ass, “Chad said as I withdrew,

“Dont worry fucker, Ill save mine for you,” Phil laughed and slapped his ass. Phil took Chads place, his enormous bulk bent over but his pert ass stuck in the air, I got down and rimmed him, getting him nice and loose, running and spitting on his furry asshole. I grabbed the lub and slipped some in his ass, pouring more on my dick. As I started to finger him, he leaned over his shoulder,

“Dont prep me stud, just ram that cock in there when its wet enough,” he said.

“Fuck yes,”I said, I loved stretching a fresh ass with my cock. I knelt behind him and grabbed his hips. Chad came behind me, reached around and positioned my dick, aimed straight for his hole and i pressed my way against his ass and inside in one swift, powerful motion.

“Thadda a boy, fuck that big ass and load me up,” he grunted as I immediately started pounding him, slapping his meaty buttocks as I rode them. It wasnt long before I could feel the cum bubble up in my balls

“Oh fuck Im cumming, ready for this load, ” I said

“Give it to me Hunter,” he roared.

I gave one hard thrust and buried my cock as far as it would go inside his tight ass as my cock erupted, the cum filling the space around my dick, he shook with every burst of jizz i unleashed in him. Chad behind me reaching around and tugging my nipples as I exploded. After I pushed the last of my worth into him, I slid my dick out, cum dribbling from his hole down his thigh. He turned and sat down on the couch, slapping his thighs, and motioning for Chad to sit on his lap.

He backed up onto Phils lap, sliding expertly the entire way down the shaft until he rested on his thighs. Then he started to bounce himself up and down, Phils hands grasping his thighs and pildriving the cubs ass up and down the shaft.

I reached over and jerked Chad, wanting them to cum at the same time.

“Fuck im cumming, “‘ they shouted in unison and Phil pulled Chad down as hard as he could, balls pressed against his taint as they emptied inside him and Chad sprayed my chest and hand with cum.

“Fucking hell fellas, that was as good a session as I have ever had, “Phil laughed, ” Time to wash off and then we can get stuck in again ok?”

We weren’t gonna argue; we followed his big bulky ass down the hallway to shower to get washed off and prepped for round 2.

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