New Release: Brunch Bangers

Lanz and I are good boys, right? We wake up on Christmas morning to discover our stockings have been stuffed to the brim. Each of us blessed with a big new dong of our own. We decide we can’t wait to try them out on each other. Lanz takes most of his giant toy, while I struggle to make it passed the tip. Ultimately it gets us both revved up enough to suck and fuck each other until we both pop. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

New Release: Kissing Cousins

It’s been years since I saw my cousin Chandler. He finally came to visit me in Fort Lauderdale last Spring. My parents always suspected he was gay, but his parents always seemd to deny it. While we were hanging out, I decided to mess with him by asking him some awkward questions. I notice he had a bulge in his pants when I started asking about his sex life. He claimed he was a virgin, and I thought I would take advantage. I convince Chandler to try out some gay sex, see if he likes it. He is very receptive … Read more

New Release: Who Needs Friends with Cock like this?

Rhino’s trip to the beach is almost ruined when his buddies stand him up. Though things seem to be looking up when he spots muscle daddy Ray Dalton and his huge bulge emerging from the water. Rhino loves him some daddy dick. Rhino packs up his stuff to leave, but apparently he isn’t the only one looking for strange at the beach. Daddy Ray approaches Rhino and asks him what’s wrong. Rhino laments and Ray offers Rhino a ride home. En route to his destination, Rhino decides to take a chance and starts playing with Ray’s big floppy daddy dick. … Read more