New Release!!! “Raunchy Renters pt. 2” featuring Nova Andrews, Stever Sommers, and Hunter Scott

I just renewed my lease. And sometimes communicating with your landlord about your new roommates can be difficult. Luckily, I know how to negotiate. When Steve Sommers comes by the house to check on things, he gets all flustered when he finds out Nova Andrews has moved into the house without being added to the lease. Watch as Nova earns his keep by sucking on Steve’s rock hard daddy dick. Steve and I takes turns railing Nova’s tight bubble ass. Nova wants to stay so bad he let’s landlord Steve plant his seed deep in his hole. This is giving … Read more

New Furry Tale! Unfinished Business by Hunter Scott

Unfinished Business By Hunter Scott I never realized how many guys were that into me until they pour it out through a messenger. Most of my life I couldn’t take the hint usually when a hot guy was into me. More recently I have been accumulating fans, but there were plenty of guys into me before I started doing porn. This story lies on the cusp of that. I was visiting some friends in Tampa, FL. My one buddy, Kevin, was going to let me crash at his place for the night. Our mutual buddy Julio was going to join … Read more

New Release, “Special Treatment” with Hunter Scott and Alessio Romero

I applied to be an exterminator before I got into porn. This is the reinactment of an actual house call with a sexy daddy wolf I encountered. I showed up to do my job like any other day. He answered the door and I couldn’t help but stare. He showed me which areas needed work and I started. Little did I know that he was watching me work the entire time. So when I gave him his invoice, he grabbed my dick and asked for the “special treatment”. He was a hot fucker, so I didn’t mind obliging. Watch me … Read more