New Release: Study Cubby

Back to school this month for a lot of guys. It can be really hard to study when your classmates are distracting you. As was the case with Ravi Keen a freshman at Miami Dade who asked me to help him study for our next exam. I could tell he was nervous, but I didn’t know he had a little crush on me. This 18 year old nerd had some real cajones because he reached over and started going down on me halfway through the study guide. I don’t usually like long hair on a guy, but when I can … Read more

New Release: Fucking Fiesta

Rusty recently took a long road trip in what he calls, “Fucks Across America.” One of his stops led him to Miami, FL. For those that don’t know, Rusty is a bit of an intellectual and he enjoys quiet times reading as much as fucking some strange. He was relaxing with a good book after a long Saturday at the beach, and he got a knock at his door. Valentino Fuentes was going door to door looking for dick, but he called it “fiesta” or “party”. Rusty doesn’t understand a lot of Spanish, but once Valentino grabbed his cock, he … Read more

New Release: Pigs in a Blanket

Ray Dalton and I are at it again. This time I sent him on a drink run, and he returns to find Dean Gauge pigging out on my cock. Ray wastes no time whipping out his fat daddy dick and feeding it to Dean too. Dean’s tight little bubble butt got quite the work out from Ray’s rod and my fat raw hog. We even managed to double penetrate Dean for a few moments. Piglet Dean get’s a double cream pie for being such a good boy, and he shoots his oqn huge load all over daddy Ray’s chest and … Read more