New Release: Study Cubby

Back to school this month for a lot of guys. It can be really hard to study when your classmates are distracting you. As was the case with Ravi Keen a freshman at Miami Dade who asked me to help him study for our next exam. I could tell he was nervous, but I didn’t know he had a little crush on me. This 18 year old nerd had some real cajones because he reached over and started going down on me halfway through the study guide. I don’t usually like long hair on a guy, but when I can use it to really command a little fuck boy, I tend to enjoy it more. For a young guy, Ravi takes my dick with very little trouble and almost no lube. I had to knock him up, and mark my territory. There will be other tests, I”m sure he will be back over to study again this term.

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