New Release: BEARthday Wish

Devin Doss told me before last year’s Texas Bear Round Up, that he really wanted to fuck Leo Stone in a scene. Luckily for him, I know Leo quite well and could try to arrange it. I talked to Devin’s boyfriend and told him that he would have a hot video to watch if he could write Devin a little note to keep him in his room for a bit. He then gave his room key to Leo Stone, whom snuck in sucks off a napping Devin. Devin awakes startled by Leo’s hot mouth sucking away on his fat black … Read more

New Release: Brunch Bangers

Lanz and I are good boys, right? We wake up on Christmas morning to discover our stockings have been stuffed to the brim. Each of us blessed with a big new dong of our own. We decide we can’t wait to try them out on each other. Lanz takes most of his giant toy, while I struggle to make it passed the tip. Ultimately it gets us both revved up enough to suck and fuck each other until we both pop. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

New Release: Kissing Cousins

It’s been years since I saw my cousin Chandler. He finally came to visit me in Fort Lauderdale last Spring. My parents always suspected he was gay, but his parents always seemd to deny it. While we were hanging out, I decided to mess with him by asking him some awkward questions. I notice he had a bulge in his pants when I started asking about his sex life. He claimed he was a virgin, and I thought I would take advantage. I convince Chandler to try out some gay sex, see if he likes it. He is very receptive … Read more

New Release: Who Needs Friends with Cock like this?

Rhino’s trip to the beach is almost ruined when his buddies stand him up. Though things seem to be looking up when he spots muscle daddy Ray Dalton and his huge bulge emerging from the water. Rhino loves him some daddy dick. Rhino packs up his stuff to leave, but apparently he isn’t the only one looking for strange at the beach. Daddy Ray approaches Rhino and asks him what’s wrong. Rhino laments and Ray offers Rhino a ride home. En route to his destination, Rhino decides to take a chance and starts playing with Ray’s big floppy daddy dick. … Read more

New Furry Tales: Raunchy Renters, Landlord rules

Lucky Hunters, Lucky Pierre by Stout Cub It was Friday and as usual the minute I finished work at 10pm sunday night I was eager for 2 things: beer and ass. My week had been a shit one; busy and with a lot of long hours doing security at the club – throwing drunk fucks out and dealing with queens trying to scratch each others eyes out wears you down after a while. I needed a cold drink and a warm tight hole to fuck. I got to thinkin about a bud of mine from back in my early 20s … Read more

New Release: Brunch Bangers

After Bear Dance 2017 at TBRU, Dean Gauge and I ended up crashing with Gabe Duval. I’m a heavy sleeper, but Dean and Gabe managed to play on the back deck for a bit before bringing the action inside. Once I finally wake up and check things out, those boys welcomed me to join in. I stack these boys up, eat their butts, and tease their holes. Gabe and I banged Dean silly. And I couldn’t miss this opportunity to finally get balls deep in Gabe’s warm welcoming ass. Banging before brunch has never worked up my appetite quite like … Read more

New Release: Dusty’s Day Dream

Ever since Dusty said he was going to Texas Bear Roundup, he knew I would be there, and I wanted his bubble butt. Dusty decided to head back to his room after the pool and rub one out. I show up to take advantage. He was magnificent and timid at the same time. He giggled and gagged all over my cock. I needed to taste his hot young boy butt too. He was a little worried I wouldn’t fit inside his ass, but I coached him through it and he took every fat inch in no time. I gave this … Read more

New Furry Tales: Who’s the Boss?

Working security was always one of my favourite jobs: meeting and chatting to all the different characteers that would come in and out of the bar meant no night was ever dull. It also gave me more than enough chances to get my dick sucked after hours or down the alleyway beside the bar. But then, on one particular night it turned out I didnt need to look much further than the bar to get myself some hot fuckin. So the night in question was a fuckin wash out in November. The weather had really taken a turn and I … Read more