Roughing up the Rugger

It was a Thursday afternoon before working my security job at the local gay bar.  I was on Scruff looking for hot men to screw around with that weekend.  I noticed there was this incredibly hot looking younger guy online.  It was a fierce looking photo of him running with a rugby ball in his uniform through a pair of bigger bears.  He had this look of determination in his eyes that was turning me on. Being the social guy that I am, and also extremely horny, I sent him a message.  I figure he was either going to ignore … Read more

1 Night 8 Loads

I was online one Sunday night and received a message from this cute furry blond that lived down the beach from me in Miami. He told me he was a pilot and sent me a picture of him in a cockpit and it turned me on so much. I asked if he was into bears/cubs like me, and he said he loved bigger guys that could dominate him. We made the decision to meet up for drinks the next night, but that didn’t stop us from doing some naked Skyping that night. I told him to put his phone on … Read more