1 Night 8 Loads

Hunter-bg-516x340-300x197I was online one Sunday night and received a message from this cute furry blond that lived down the beach from me in Miami. He told me he was a pilot and sent me a picture of him in a cockpit and it turned me on so much. I asked if he was into bears/cubs like me, and he said he loved bigger guys that could dominate him. We made the decision to meet up for drinks the next night, but that didn’t stop us from doing some naked Skyping that night. I told him to put his phone on the floor and squat over it. It was quite the view to watch him stroke his nice cock with one hand while he used his other hand to play with his hot little hole for me.

All the next day we were texting each other and preparing to meet that night. As it turned out, a mutual friend of ours had hooked up with me and gave my fucking and my cock a great review. I felt so flattered. He finally came over that evening and we decided to get drinks at this bar near my apartment that overlooked the beach. I was really attracted to this guy. He was shorter than me. He was blond, but going bald in a good way. He had a scruffy goatee and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. We got the first round of drinks and sat down on the rooftop to talk. He reached over during the conversation and squeezed my biceps, letting out a puff of air that ended with a “Woof!” Then he reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts. He looked up at me and said, “Damn that’s thick!” I reached over and groped him a little bit. He was rock hard. He just looked up at me and smiled. We had to cut things out because we were at a straight bar, and even though it was a slow night, there were still other customers around. He excused himself and went to the bath room. While he was in there he texted me and said, “You are probably thinking, ‘Wow! This guy is nuts!’” I responded, “Actually, I love your sexual energy, I’m having fun so far.” He came back, we had a few more drinks, then we paid our tab and headed over to my apartment. My roommate wasn’t home so I knew we could pretty much go wild.

We went back to my bedroom and started making out. My hands were up his shirt and down the back of his pants. He had an amazing furry torso. Both of his nipples were pierced with nice silver rings. His ass had the softest sprinkling of blond fur all over it. I pulled down his jeans to reveal that he was wearing a jockstrap. Jockstraps drive me nuts. The way they frame an ass and cradle the balls so nicely. I dropped out of my shorts and he reached over and started tugging and squeezing my cock. He said, “Fuck! I don’t think I’ve had a fat cock like that in my ass before!” I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him into me for a deep kiss. Then I pushed him to his knees and fed him my cock. He was a good little cock sucker. He sucked me all the way to the balls. I would pull my cock out of his mouth and tell him to stick his tongue out at me. He would look up, with an open mouth, staring into my eyes, and I would look down on him and slap his tongue and his face with my rock hard fat dick.

I reached down and picked him up. I had him bend over on all fours on my bend. I pulled his cock out of the jockstrap and pointed it down between his legs. I started to devour his hot pink hole. I was fucking it with my tongue, tracing every letter of my name into his tasty boy cunt. He was squirming and cursing in between moans as I continued to feast on his ass. At one point I turned him long ways on my bed in front of my mirror. He reached for his cell phone and started filming me while I ate his hole. Every so often I would tickle his balls with my tongue and suck on his tasty cock, while I fingered his ass. I layed back on the bed and told him to slobber on my cock and sit on my face. He obeyed like a good boy, and the next thing I know my cock was being sucked hard while I continued to eat his delicious ass. I asked him if he wanted to get fucked, and he said, “Fuck yeah!” I lubed up my cock while he lubed and fingered his hole. Then he straddled my hips and slowly began to sit down on my cock. He let out this deep moan once he had my cock in him balls deep.

I started to slowly thrust up into him. I reached up and played with his nipple rings as I began to pick up the pace fucking his hole. I buried my cock deep inside him, then pulled him close to me so I could kiss him while I pumped away. I got him onto his back and had him present his hole to me. He made his ass wink at me like a good boy should. He grabbed his camera again, as I pushed his legs back to his shoulders and spit into his hungry hole. He filmed me spitting in his hole as I slapped my cock against his ass. Then I shoved my fatty in balls deep, he gasped as he was filming himself get fucked by me.

I started to drill his hole with a passion. I was fucking him so hard that my bed was moving across the room on every thrust. He started squeeling and shot a huge load all over his stomach. He asked me if I wanted to breed his ass, to which I answered, “Fuck yeah boy!” I stroked off until I started to cum, then I shoved my cock deep up his ass and pumped away at the cream pie I was making. We laid there for a minute, then we went and took a shower together.

We had sex all night. From 9PM until 7AM we shot 8 loads all together. I woke him up in the middle of the night and started fucking his ass on his side. He was very receptive to that. And later on, he woke me up sucking and jerking my cock. I even sat on his dick at one point. Which although this guy was a fantastic bottom, he also had a very nice cock and balls too.

He left the next morning with a sore ass. He told me he had a great time and we should get together more often. He said, “I’m going to have to take that cock every day so I can get used to it.” We have gone out and hooked up 6 times in the last three weeks. Every time we meet I drill his hole and make him shoot multiple loads. I’m beginning to really like this guy. If we don’t end up dating, at least we can be fun fuck buddies. I owe it all to ManHunt for helping us meet.

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