Roughing up the Rugger

mc-copIt was a Thursday afternoon before working my security job at the local gay bar.  I was on Scruff looking for hot men to screw around with that weekend.  I noticed there was this incredibly hot looking younger guy online.  It was a fierce looking photo of him running with a rugby ball in his uniform through a pair of bigger bears.  He had this look of determination in his eyes that was turning me on.
Being the social guy that I am, and also extremely horny, I sent him a message.  I figure he was either going to ignore me, brush me off gently, or be a chaser.  Either way, I had to at least make the first move.  He responded right away, “hey sexy, what’s up?”  I was starting to get hard.  I replied, “I couldn’t help but notice a sexy fucker like you amongst all these other guys.”  He came back with, “WOOF!  You’re my kind of guy too.”  That made me smile.
We chatted for about thirty minutes back and forth.  We seemed to really be getting into each other.  Since I had to work and he was tied up with family plans that night, we agreed we should meet on Friday.  The next morning I sent him a message to see what he was up to.  He told me he was having a beach day with a bearish buddy of his.  He even sent me over a picture.  His buddy was a very cute guy too, so I proposed I come over for a 3way.  For one reason or another, we decided against it.
He and I agreed to meet that night at Bills and see if we clicked.  He sent me over a bunch of pictures of him so I would have no problem identifying him.  He was a mixture of Latin and something else.  He would definitely be considered an otter, tan skin, furry torso, and a lean athletic frame.  He had the most amazing brown eyes and the hugest whitest smile I’d seen in a long time.
I arrived at Bills with my wingman and we did our usual thing.  We cruised around the bar, saying hi to all our friends, working the room, and hunting for hot men.  I did not see my little otter anywhere in sight.  I was starting to think he wasn’t going to show, but then I got a text from him.  He had snapped a picture of him in his car, on the way to the bar.  He was flashing his trademark smile and it made me light up inside.  So I remained patient and ordered another drink.
A song I really liked started to play and I felt compelled to go to the dance floor.  I started dancing and shaking my ass around.  Then I felt this tap on my shoulder.  I spun around and there was my little Latin otter.  He introduced himself properly and we had a drink and talked.  He kept saying how sexy I was, and I was blushing so hard, because I felt the exact same way about him.
We decided to head back to his guest house on the beach, which coincidentally was right by my apartment.  Once we were inside his room, we started to ravage each other.  I was ripping his shirt over his head and was kissing him all over his neck and his chest.   He had a wicked nipple piercing that I started to teeth on.  My one hand was tugging on his ass cheek while the other was wrapped around the back of his neck.  His kisses tasted so sweet and wet.  The passion was just dripping off the two of us.  He was squeezing my cock through my shorts and pinching my nipples.  It felt so good and so right.
Eventually we broke away from each other and I threw him backwards onto his bed.  I reached down and started pulling his jeans off like they were on fire.  Then I stripped off my shorts and jumped on the bed with him.  He was on his back and I got between his legs.  I started making out with him as I pulled his dark, uncut cock out of his briefs.  I started licking his nipples and tugging on his cock at the same time.  He was squirming all over the place.  I pulled off his underwear and took off my own.  I started to suck his cock and play with the foreskin.  It was interesting that his foreskin had such a contrast, it was such a darker tan color on the outter layer while his skin underneath was rather bright red or pink when you pulled it back to get at the hard inside.
I started to dry hump his furry little hole.  He just kept smiling and laughing and telling me how sexy he thought I was.  This just turned me on even more, because I felt the same way about him.  I was slapping my cock against his crack and his hole.  His cock was jumping up and oozing with creamy precum.  I leaned in and started kissing him again as I rubbed his sweet hole with my large bear paws.  He couldn’t contain himself and he told me he needed a break.
We grabbed some beers from his frig and put our underwear back on.  We walked out onto the balcony of his room and sat on a bench.  We started to chat and get to know each other much better.  He was telling me about his rugby team, his family, and his job.  I just couldn’t get over how adorable he was.  He was certainly one of the cutest otters I’ve ever messed around with, and certainly the nicest and most down to earth.
We cuddled all night and the next morning we kept talking and started to make plans to see each other that night.  He had to go visit with his family and I needed to go to the gym and run a few errands.  We texted back and forth all day.  He invited me to meet him and a friend over at Sebastian beach, which is also the gay beach.  The three of us played in the sand and took advantage of as much sunshine as possible.  The two of them were doing some gymnastics in the sand.  Soon after, his friend said good bye and left the two of us alone.
We walked back to his guest house.  He invited me up, and I was happier than a pig in shit.  Once we were in his room, we didn’t waste any time.  We already had our shirts off from the beach.  He sat on the edge of his bed and said, “I want to suck that big fucking dick you got!”  I whipped it out and waited for him to open his mouth and stick his tongue out.  I stood over him and he looked up at me.  I smiled while grabbing the back of his neck and guiding my juicy dick into his eager mouth.  He was in heaven.  He sucked my cock and slurped it down like he had lived in a convent for years.  He licked my balls and sucked on the piss slit.  If I hadn’t wanted to fuck him so bad I could have blown a load in his cute face right then and there.  He spit a big wad onto my cock.  He looked up at me and kept stroking me with ferocity in his eyes.  That same look that I saw in his rugby photo.
“You want to get fucked boy?” I exclaimed.  “Fuck yeah! You want to eat my hole first?”  He replied.  “It tastes too good to say no.”  I stripped off my trunks as he peeled off his speedo.  I told him to get on all fours at the edge of the bed.  He willfully complied, kneeling down right in front of me, with his furry, tan ass in the air.  He was such a good boy.  He reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart, one of the most inviting moves I’ve seen.  I crotched down right between his thighs on the floor and inspected his beautiful ass.  He had dark fur all along the inside of his crack.  The hole was a dark pink-purple color.  His hole was flawless, no sign of wear and tear.  It was a true delicacy in my book.
I started to slowly lick his boy pussy.  I could feel his sphincter clench every time I lashed my tongue across his hole.  It tasted amazing.  Then I started to nibble and suck on the skin around his hole.  I was stroking my juicy dick in anticipation of the pounding I was going to give this boy.  He started to moan and curse into the bed spread.  I maintained my firm grip on his thighs and ass as I drove my tongue deeper inside of him.  He collapsed on to the bed and grabbed the sheets.  He was in exstacy.  Sometimes I would pull on his nice Latin cock and lick his balls while I played with his ass.  He was very receptive to that, as he would look back and smile at me.  And then he cried out, “Oh it feels so good Hunter!  Please fuck me!  Fuck me with that big fat cock! Please Hunter!?”
I lubed my cock up with some of the stuff he brought with him.  I was still munching on his eager hole to tease him and frankly, I couldn’t get enough of the taste of that ass.  It was fresh, clean, and meaty.  His hole was winking at me in anticipation and I couldn’t wait any longer.  I stood up and slap my slicked up cock against his firm rugger ass.  He groaned a little bit and said, “Take it easy on me.  I haven’t been fucked in a while, and you’ve got the fattest cock I’ve ever seen.”  We both laughed and I leaned over top of him and gave him a nice, deep kiss.  I got back behind him and he shook his ass a little bit to affirm that he was ready to get fucked.
I thumbed his hole a little bit then I placed the fat juicy head of my cock right up to the soft skin of his boy cunt.  I slowly started to nudge the head into the boy.  He groaned and tightened up as I started to enter his sweet ass.  His hole felt so warm and wet.  He kept saying, “Easy, easy”, but I just kept sliding up his fuck hole.  I wanted to go balls deep on this hot rugger ass.  He was tough, so I knew he could handle my fatty.  I had about half of it up his hole before he told me he needed more lube.  I pulled my cock out completely, and he moaned with relief as I exited.  I spit on his hole and pumped more lube onto my cock.  Then I slid right back up inside him.  It was much easier than before.  Although, I hadn’t gotten balls deep in him yet,  I started to thrust into him a little more.  He responds well to a little rough play.  I had a firm grip on the around his neck with my right hand while I maintained a hold of his hips with my left hand.  My strokes became longer and faster.  I would  pull my cock almost completely out his ass to tease him.  Then shove it in as far as I could.  Pretty soon, I was balls deep in this rugger’s hole.  My nuts were slapping against his ass while I continued to stretch out his hole.  He loved every minute of it.  He eventually started to aggressively back his ass up on to my dick, essentially slamming my cock like a good little bottom boy.
I pulled out and he told me he wanted to ride me.  So I laid on my back and he straddled my hips.  My cock slid deep up his fuck hole and he moaned with joy, “God that’s a fucking NICE DICK!”  He leaned forward and we kissed passionately as I pulsed my cock deep inside him as he sat there on my manhood.  Then he got that fierce look on his face again, he started to slam his ass on my cock and even punched me in the chest a few times.  It was rough and hot, and I loved it.  At this point I wasn’t fucking his ass, but rather he was fucking my dick.  Then he leaned back and got to his feet, squatting on top of my cock.  He started to gyrate his hips and grind on my cock like it was a pole at the strip club.  I could feel every inch of me rubbing inside his squishy hole.  He started to roar and rub my nuts while he took my cock like a champion.  “You like that fat cock in your hole, boy?”  “Fuck yeah!  Yes sir!  Give me that fucking dick, you sexy fucker!”
I picked him up in the air and flipped him over on his back.  I plunged my dripping, wet cock back into his eager hole.  He moaned and grabbed the back of my neck to pull me in for some hot, wet kisses.  He was moaning and cursing in between thrusts.  I just kept pounding away at his ass.  I couldn’t get enough of this guy.  We were fucking so hard that the bed kept banging and knocking against the wall.  It was so loud the guys next door knocked on the wall for us to keep it down.  I grabbed him by the knees and started to really drill him deep, and grind my fat cock deep inside him.  I wanted to make sure he felt every bit of my member inside him.  I stared into his eyes and started to pound him like a jack hammer.  He asked me if I was close, and then he let out a loud yell as he started to shoot his creamy load all over his chest and his nice furry abs.  I pulled out slowly and started to jerk my cock.  He wanted my load all over his chest.  I stood over him while he was on his knees.  He looked up at me with those beautiful, tender eyes and smiled as I started to groan.  I felt the tingle in my nuts and commenced unloading a huge stream of spunk all over his furry chest and neck.  After the last drop had hit his chest he laughed a little.  Then he reached up and squeezed the remaining cum out of my dick and leaned in to have a taste.  He sucked it up and let out a “MMMHmmm”, then he hopped up, gave me a big wet kiss, and said, “That was pretty fucking hot!  You’re so damn sexy.”  I laughed a little bit and we hit the showers.
He left town the next day and we still keep in touch now.  He’s a great guy, and I hope one day we will be able to have this kind of fun again.

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