New Release! “Stretch Me Out!” with Lanz and Ceejay

New at 11/27/2015 “Stretch Me Out!” with Lanz Adams and Ceejay Ceejay and Lanz are getting their fitness on. Bears and cubs got to stay in shape, so these two decide to jog around the neighborhood. After working up a sweat, they head inside. Lanz complains about having pulled his groin, so Ceejay suggests that he help rub and stretch it out. This aroses Lanz getting his thick, uncut cock to full mast. Ceejay wastes no time going down on Lanz and trying to make him forget about his injury. Lanz in turn sucks on Ceejay’s cock in order … Read more

MonsterCub Plays: Just Dance 2014 with Rhino!!!

I’ve decided to get back into shape and I think the best way to do it is to dance. SO Cubby was sweet enough to get me “Just Dance 2014” for Xbox ONE. Apparently Rhino and I are the only ones who have the rhythm and balls to get up and play it. So we decided to make a few videos at our first attempts at some of the songs. More to come. I plan to do one naked or in a jockstrap soon, but I want to make sure I practice the song I dance to first. ENJOY!!!

New Release!! “You Otter Know” with Henry Stone, Ben Wolfe, and Hunter Scott

New Release at “You Otter Know” starring Ben Wolfe, Henry Stone, and Hunter Scott It’s always a sexy time when my buddy Henry Stone comes to visit me. I remember asking Ben Wolfe which guys he wanted to work with, and one of them was Henry. So I decided for Ben’s first hardcore scene, we would take turns tag teaming my buddy Henry from South Carolina. At first we took some pictures out back, but that turned into Ben and I licking and teasing Henry all over his body. We played out back for a little bit to break … Read more

Cubby and I’s surprise trip to Disney World

Cubby and I decided to get away to Orlando earlier this week. We stayed at the Mystic Dunes and went to 3 Disney parks. First we went to Magic Kingdom. We went on a lot of rides and didn’t have to wait in line very much. I will say that I’m sick of seeing people crowding the walkways with their hoverounds. The only thing more annoying is parents who have kids in strollers and they are WAY TOO BIG/OLD to be dependent on a stroller. We visited with Caleb Delano, who seemed way too eager to do a scene. But … Read more

New Release! “Evil Breed” with Lanz Adams, Hunter Scott, and Bearsilien

NEW RELEASE! “Evil Breed” starring Hunter Scott, Lanz Adams, and Bearsilien For this year’s MonsterCub Halloween special, I decided to try something I wanted to do last year, but I saved it for when I had the right guys. In this thrilling, kinky scene Lanz Adams and Hunter Scott are supernatural bounty hunters fighting and fucking the forces of evil. After Hunter’s brother went missing for days, Lanz was able to capture the demon that was involved in the kidnapping. Lanz calls Hunter down to the safe house to interrogate the hell spawn. Bearsilien, the demon, manages to break free … Read more