New Release! “Evil Breed” with Lanz Adams, Hunter Scott, and Bearsilien

NEW RELEASE! “Evil Breed”

starring Hunter Scott, Lanz Adams, and Bearsilien

For this year’s MonsterCub Halloween special, I decided to try something I wanted to do last year, but I saved it for when I had the right guys. In this thrilling, kinky scene Lanz Adams and Hunter Scott are supernatural bounty hunters fighting and fucking the forces of evil. After Hunter’s brother went missing for days, Lanz was able to capture the demon that was involved in the kidnapping. Lanz calls Hunter down to the safe house to interrogate the hell spawn. Bearsilien, the demon, manages to break free from Lanz’s rope work and subdue Lanz and chain him to the wall. After some CBT and some raunchy play, Bearsilien hypnotizes Lanz and gets him to suck him off and offer up his hole. Hunter arrives a little too late, but Lanz and Hunter are able to restrain Bearsilien again and get the information out of him that they needed to find Hunter’s brother. If they can’t beat it out of him, or use holy water, they decide to fuck it out of him. Tune in to see their resolve, Happy Halloween!

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