New Furry Tale! Unfinished Business by Hunter Scott

Unfinished Business
By Hunter Scott

I never realized how many guys were that into me until they pour it out through a messenger. Most of my life I couldn’t take the hint usually when a hot guy was into me. More recently I have been accumulating fans, but there were plenty of guys into me before I started doing porn. This story lies on the cusp of that.
I was visiting some friends in Tampa, FL. My one buddy, Kevin, was going to let me crash at his place for the night. Our mutual buddy Julio was going to join up with us later to go out for drinks and stuff. I had never really driven around Tampa before. I had only been there once in my life other than now, and that was to visit my estranged uncle and his family. Kevin had no car, so I had to pick him up from work. I had come up this way to handle a traffic ticket, that I HAD to appear for. I was going to just party and stay with Kevin for the night, and then head back to Fort Lauderdale in the morning.
I waited around in my car for a while before Kevin finally came out and hopped in. Kevin was younger, but only in mind. He had the manly beard and mustache. His messy hair only made him sexier because I knew it was from him working hard.
He directed me back to his house, a decent little house off a private road. He explained that he lived with his two cousins and their grandma. Apparently he moved in with her after his dad found out he was gay. The house was either under construction or falling apart, either way, I could feel tension.
I dropped off my stuff and we went to meet up with Julio. We decided to get a quick bite at this local pizza spot in Ybor City. Ybor is a nice little college town, lots of 20 somethings getting wasted and having a good time. Lots of bars, shops, and food spots just down one quaint little avenue. Although I will admit, most of the food is pizza.
We ended up at Bradley’s and I was amazed by the water falls and pools in the bars and counters. Lots of cute guys all around. It reminded me of Alibi back in Wilton Manors. I left with them and ended up at the social club and it was a black fraternity party. We felt a little awkward, but we did get good drinks and good service. We went to Liquid after that. I got up on the blocks with my shirt off and danced until they closed the place down. Kevin and Julio were watching in awe as I twerked up on that platform. We went back to Kevin’s place and had smoke. Kevin put on some anime and I layed on a bean bag chair catching up on messages from earlier. Julio was touching himself and I couldn’t help but bear witness.
I looked up at Kevin and he was laying there in his gym shorts with a noticeable bulge poking up. Before I could look away, he started to fondle himself too. I couldn’t help but start to get hard myself. So I stood up and faced Kevin. I leaned over his bed, him staring up at me. I reached down and started to rub his cock through his shorts while keeping eye contact. I could feel his cock getting rock hard. He had a slight curve to the right and up at the end, so when I got him to full mast I could feel and see the bend in his dick.
I leaned forward and started to kiss Kevin. At first he was very sheepish, letting me peck at his lips and poke him with my tongue. I worked my way to his ears and neck, he started to moan and brush my back with one hand while trying to pull down his shorts with the other. I helped him pull them off and threw them to the floor. At this point I broke away and turned around to see Julio with his dick out, totally stroking off watching us.
I got naked real quick and hoped over on the other side of Kevin in bed. He had peeled off his shirt revealing his dark hairy chest leading all the way down to his taint. Hairy legs and bush, I dove in and got a wiff before starting to lick up and down his shaft. He kept moaning softly as I teethed and slobbered down his long curvey cock. I reached underneath him with my free hand and started to play with his balls while rubbing on his taint.
Julio was still sitting on the floor, watching us intently, stroking his meat. I signaled him to come over, and he took over sucking on Kevin’s dick. I got up onto my knees and dangled my dick in front of Kevin’s face. He was so into his dick being serviced, that I had to slap him in the head with my dick to get his attention. He looked up at me and instantly opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. I swatted his tongue with my juicy dick, then started to slide it in between his lips. He nursed and sucked on that cock with a passion, because he wanted that dick all evening.
I reach around the back of Kevin’s head and started to slowly fuck his throat. At first he tried to resist the cock in his mouth, but eventually he started to deepthroat it with very little gagging. Although the tears in his eyes were tears of joy, because he knew he was doing a good job. I made him lick the precum out of my piss slit before getting back down on the bed.
Julio and Kevin had got into a 69 position and I was kneeling behind Kevin spreading his furry butt cheeks apart and studying his hairy, hungry hole. It was a little musky from going out that evening, but otherwise, reasonably clean. I started to spit in his hole and rub along his taint and crack. I leaned in and began to lick and nibble on his hole. It twitched and quivered in delight. Kevin was moaning deep, even with Julio’s fat dick in his mouth. I tugged on his balls and licked and kissed on them while Julio kept slobbering on Kevin’s dick. I started smacking Kevin’s ass to get him to stay in the up right position and push his ass back into my face.
My cock was throbbing for attention, so I got up closer to Kevin’s hole and started to pat his hole with my fat dick. Sliding it between his wet butt cheeks as he moaned with relief as I teased him. I pulled back for a second and poke Julio in the forehead with my dick. He opened his eyes and took Kevin’s dick out of his mouth and replaced it with mine instead. He slobbered up and down like an eager pig, leaving my pole dripping with sticky saliva. All the while I was fingering and rubbing Kevin’s hungry hole until I couldn’t hold back.
I grabbed some lube from Kevin’s night stand and squeeze a sizeable amount into my hand. I first rubbed it all over my cock, than generously applied the rest to Kevin’s warm crack.
“You’re not going to hurt me with that thing?” Kevin asked sheepishly.
“I’m going to go nice and slow. I want you to enjoy all of this. Just remember to breathe.”
I continued to slide my cock across Kevin’s hole to calm his nerves about taking the plunge. I grabbed the head of my cock and spread his cheeks with my other hand. I slowly started to enter his furry crack from behind. He was so incredibly tight. He whimpered initially. Swearing fucks into the pillow as I got the head passed his sphincter. I pulled out and licked on his hole for a few seconds. This seemed to help Kevin relax more. I got lined up again and started to probe deeper with my cock this time. I wiggled a little, slowly in and out, to get him used to the rhythm. Julio was underneath licking and tugging on our balls. I got about half of my meaty dick inside him, then he let out this grunt and pushed right back onto my raw dick. He wasn’t quite balls deep, but he was pretty close. I knelt there and let him work his ass for a minute. He was slowly grinding his hips into me with my fat bare cock lodged deep in his hairy otter ass. My cock was being squeezed from all sides with his muscles. It felt amazing.
I started to really work my hips into a rhythm. My cock was starting to glide in and out of Kevin’s ass. Every inward thrust he moaned, sometimes he smiled other times he looked in pain. I knew my fat member was a lot of work for him to take, especially without much preparation. His hole, felt fucking amazing!
I started to dart my cock in and out of his furry hole. Each time I did, the head of my cock would pop in and out, each pop making Kevin moan more and more. Julio had moved next to Kevin and was eagerly watching us and jerking his dick. Then I noticed he started playing with his hole. I shoved Kevin’s legs down to his chest and started to drive my cock deeper and harder in his hole. I wanted him to remember how thoroughly I fucked his ass. He started to breathe heavy and grunt every time I plunged my fatty deep into his now, well lube, slightly gaping hole. I pull out for a minute to admire my handy work. His ass was on its way to be well fucked. His hole was pink and tender, surrounded by tons of dark hair. I see my precum dripping out of the center and can’t help but push into back inside him with my thumb.
He moans as I lean forward and kiss him for a few moments. He needed some reassurance that he was pleasing my monster cock. I pulled back on his hair and nibbled on his neck. He quivered while I teased. I brushed the head of my cock across his hole and slid right in, nice and slow, all the way to my balls. Kevin let out this huge moan, I’m surprised he didn’t wake up the rest of the house. I started to pump my dick in and out with one of Kevin’s legs up in the air, making sure I got nice and deep. He gave me the signal he needed a break, so I pulled out, wiping my precummy dick on his balls on my way out.
I looked over at Julio and gave him the signal to tag in. I held both of Kevin’s legs apart and tilted him and his quivering, lubed hole to Julio. Julio hopped up, and kept looking into Kevin’s eyes in order to figure out if this was all good. These two had been friends for a while, and they have never fucked around before. I was literally spreading Kevin open while Julio lubed up his long, uncut dick, and started to slip the head into Kevin’s ass. I handed off his ankles to Julio, and he took the lead and started to pound Kevin’s ass. He hammered on it hard, making angry faces at Kevin while pinning him down to the bed. I stood beside them, watched, and caught my breathe. I couldn’t believe I had convinced these friends to fuck each other.
I saw an opening. Julio was working his rhythm, fucking Kevin in missionary, but his ass was up and exposed. I reached behind and started to rub and prod Julio’s hole while he was grind his hips into Kevin. It wasn’t as hairy, but it was super tight. At this point, Julio was staring at me.
“You trying to fuck me bro?” he snarled.
“Yeah, stay still for a second” I lubed up his hole and started to slide my dick across his hole.
“Ahh fuck man, I don’t know if I’m ready for that big dick” he replied.
“Oh, I can get it in there, hold still fucker” I started to slide the head of my cock right up into Julio’s ass.
“Oh Fuck MAN!! Shit!! Ahhhh…..fuck me! I want that fucking dick in me” He cried. My dick plunges deeper inside Julio’s ass as he gets balls deep in Kevin. They are both moaning. I put my hands on Julio’s shoulders and drive my cock super deep into his ass. I start to pound up and away. He whimpers, and just takes it as I go rapid speed. He starts to moan and convulse. I was fucking him so hard, he started shooting his load deep into Kevin’s ass. He tapped me to pull out, and I backed up, my cock plopped out of his hole. He pulled out of Kevin and a gush of Julio’s seed leaked out all over Kevin’s hole. It was a sexy sloppy sight.
I stuck my fingers up Kevin’s ass and snagged some cum, that I then fed to Kevin. At first I wasn’t sure if he’d be into it, but he licked it all up. I flipped him over onto his knees at the edge of the bed and started to drill his hole again. I wanted to put two loads in this pig tonight. I could feel Julio’s thick jizz sloshing around as my lube while I fucked Kevin hard and deep. I had to totally give in to my savage side and start slamming my dick deep inside Kevin, prison style. I could feel my nuts starting to swell as I rammed Kevin full of cock full blast. Kevin yelled that he was close, and without notice started to cum all over the bed underneath him, hands free. It was spraying all over. I grabbed onto his hips and started to feel my orgasm take over me.
It felt like a warm wave. My balls started to twitch and I could feel my juice surging through my plumbing. I buried my cock deep in Kevin’s ass and held onto his hips as tight as possible. I started to spray a huge creamy load right up Kevin’s hot furry otter ass. He smiled this huge grin between his big cum shot, and the sticky cream pie I gave him. I pulled him back and kissed him deep while I churned my load in his ass like melted butter. I wanted this otter boy to get every drop of my sperm stored in his ass. And I wanted him to remember my visit. We all got washed up and finally fell asleep for the night. And my was it a hell of a night.



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