New Release: “Fan(tasy) Fuck” with August Smith and Hunter Scott

New Release at  “Fan(tasy) Fuck” with August Smith and Hunter Scott

Gus was a fan that had written me right before I launched MonsterCub for the first time. He seemed like a piggy guy. He wanted a dirty jock of mine to wear on his face while he got off to Cubby Chronicles. I finally convinced Gus to come visit and film with me last December. He was nervous and anxious to get rammed by me. Once I picked him up from the airport, I took him to his hotel. He checked in and we went to his room. He couldn’t keep his hands off me, so I told him we should film something right now. After I made him suck and slobber all over my meat, I got him on all fours and shoved my raw beercan in. He grunted with excitement. I started to rail him with long rough strokes right up his juicy black hole. His hole was swallowing up my meat and squeezing the load to the tip. I couldn’t hold back anymore and dumped a huge load right up Gus’s butt while I was pounding away. He looks up at me with this innocent smile, thoroughly satisfied with me deep in him.

-Hunter Scott, The Monster Cub

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