Furry Tales: The Cubby Escort pt. 1

The Cubby Escort

Part 1: Hot Fudge Sundae


suck 2

People often describe loose women as sluts, whores, prostitutes.  Gay men often shame each other the exact same way.  But they don’t literally mean sex work.  They mean that individual is seemingly promiscuous from their point of view.  Most of this bull shit comes from jealous self righteous queens, who have no game themselves.


I discovered at a young age that the sexual power dynamic was something to grasp control of.  If I could make a few bucks off of my sexual desirability, what’s the harm in a little safe fun with no strings attached?  We all practically do it every time we go looking for dick at the bar or on our phones.  I didn’t need a sugar daddy or someone to take care of me.  I was psychologically able to dissociate clients from casual sex and actual love.  I did not give in to my emotions nor do I need them to have great sex.

This is story is not about the first client I ever had, but rather just a unique individual.  I wouldn’t say there is a lot of history, but there definitely is a story worth telling.  I was at the movies and got a text saying that they saw my ad online and wanted to know if I was available.  I, of course told him that I was.  He also asked if I was into kinky stuff.  I told him I was only into doing certain things, but for extra money I would entertain helping him with other fetishes.   So he boldly asked me if I would consider shitting into his mouth.


WAIT WHAT?  I mean, I’ve heard some fucked up shit, but DAMN!  I laughed out loud in the movie theatre, and it was a little embarrassing because it wasn’t a funny movie.  But I was never asked to do something like this before.  And this guy was a complete stranger, but apparently felt comfortable enough having me shit on him.  I thought about the logistics of it.  And I figured that if he wanted me to poop on him, then that would be the finale to any kind of services I rendered.  So I told him that. And he was comfortable with that, and paying me more money for doing it.  So I asked him about when he wanted to meet.

Well it wasn’t until a couple weeks later that he was actually able to host me at his condo on Hallandale Beach.  I drove over around midnight.  He told me he wasn’t sure if he wanted what he originally asked for, but that he wanted to meet me.  I arrived at the valet where I was warming greeted and guided to the elevators.  I found his unit and had a knock on the door.  I never saw any pictures of this guy ahead of time, so I had no idea what to expect.  I mean, what kind of guy would you envision asking you to shit on them?

He opened the door and invited me in.  It was a dark, dimly lit room.  I could hear soft jazz coming from the bedroom.  He took me by the hand and walked me back to his bedroom.  I sat on the bed and he asked me to take my shirt off, so I did.  Then he went and made me a drink, grabbed his pipe.  We smoked up and talked for a while.  His voice was very soothing and deep.  Imagine someone like Billy Zane trying to seduce you. He was about 6’ 200lbs.  He was a white guy with a bald head, and a groomed goatee, with some amazing cheek bones.  Definitely not a bad looking guy. He told me he had a partner.  They have been together 16 years, but they don’t have sex, his partner is very possessive, and boring.  This guy was reasonable attractive.  If he were single, I doubt he would have trouble getting laid.  He wanted to be fulfilled.

He kept rubbing my cock while I sat there talking and sipping the Grey Goose he gave me.  Eventually he pulled it out and started to suck on it.  Every time I would finish a sentence, he would hum in affirmation, “MMMMhhhmmmm!”  If felt great, made my balls tingle.  He just slurped and slobbered all up and down my shaft.  He couldn’t deep throat it, but damn if he wasn’t trying and choking.

suck 5

I took off my shorts and got on all fours.  He kept saying how he wanted to eat my ass, that it looked delicious.  I laughed and just got myself into a good position for him.  He firming grasped my butt cheeks and started to dart his tongue into my hole.  I was electrified.  I hadn’t been rimmed like that in a while.  He hummed and sucked on my hole.  Spitting and licking up all the juice from him slobbering on my hole.  He started licking down my balls and sucking on them while jerking my cock.  I was so pleased with how much attention they were getting.

suck 2suck

He eventually stopped, slid his hand up my body to my hair.  I looked up, and he was getting on his knees right in front of me.  He wanted me to feast on his ass.  He had a remarkable butt.  It was sculpted and perky.  A very thick dark trail of fur down his crack to his tail bone.  He poked his cock and balls through his crotch, I was literally breathing on them.

“It’s your turn stud.  I know you want a taste.” He said coyly in his smooth smokey voice.  He lifted up his right cheek up and showed me his hairy hole.  He started to make it wink at me.  My dick was so hard, it was dripping precum all over the bed.  I really wanted to fuck this guy, but he wanted me to eat and tease his hole, so I dove right in.

suck 6

His hole tasted like beef, a nice tender rib eye.  It was moist, strong, tight, and pink in the middle.  I was spitting and rubbing my hand across his hole.  He would welp every time I started to finger him.   Then I would pull away from eating his ass and start licking down the shaft of his cock.  He had a nice sized cock that was uncut and curved slightly upward.  It tasted great.  I pulled it up to meet my lips and I sucked all over the head and sucked it down to the base.  He moaned like he never had his dick sucked before.  I went crazy on his meat.  I started slurping the head, while licking and teething down the shaft.  He reached back and grabbed me by my hair.  I stopped sucking him and started devouring his hole again.  He pulled my face deeper into his hole.  I hummed and licked until I stood up and tried to mount him.  I stood over his hips and grabbed ahold of his left ass cheek.  I started to slap and slide my fat dick across his warm, furry butt crack.  He moaned and pleaded.  He said he wasn’t quite ready to get fucked that evening, we should save it for our next encounter.

We took a little break.  I sat back on the bed and smoke a little more herb.  He crawled between my thighs and massaged my balls with seemless effort.  He was slowly sucking and licking the head of my cock while tenderly tugging and rubbing my balls together.  I grabbed the back of his smooth bald head and drew him in deep.  I wanted to know that he was getting as much of my cock down his throat as he could.  He started to tear up in the eyes, but damn it was sexy.

suck 3

After I let go, he went into a frenzy.  He was sucking my cock like a melting popsicle in summer.  He started to play with my hole too, which was unexpected, although entirely welcome.  He gently nudged his finger into my hole every time he would inhale a new mouthful of cock.  I started to jerk my cock while he sucked on my nuts.  I started to feel the urge to cum.  I asked him if he was ready, and he told me to blast it down his throat.  So I grabbed ahold of his neck, and roared as I poured a fountain of cum all over this guy’s beard and nose.  He coughed a little as some sprayed up his nose.  He still kept sucking down my load.  After I finished squeezing out the last drop, he lapped up all the cum that had dribbled down my cock and balls.  He was very thorough.  To my surprise, he stood up, and had silently came all over the bed.  There was quite a puddle.

We got cleaned up.  He gave me my fee.  And he told me that he wanted me to come over again soon and spend a whole evening with him.  He said he couldn’t wait to get another taste of me.  We met up once more a few weeks later at a sports bar.  We had been trying to make plans to meet every week since we originally got together.  He always had some sort of issue with his partner.

When we met the second time.  We had a nice late dinner and some beers.  He needed a therapist more than he needed an escort.  But then again, aren’t they the same thing?  He handed me $300 in the restaurant and told me that we would not be going back to his place.  He was in sub par mood after getting into a fight with his partner earlier that day.  He didn’t feel like it would be fair to keep making plans with me and breaking them, but he also wasn’t in the right frame of mind to enjoy his time with me.  We smoked a joint in the parking lot, we talked some more.

I confessed to him that he’s much nicer and better looking than most of my clients.  He replied by telling me that I’m a quality guy and that I should charge more than I do.  I also had to ask him what the deal was with the scat.  Why didn’t he ask me for the “hot fudge sundae”?  He told me that it was some sort of test.  He wanted to see what my reaction would be.  He mentioned how he thought it would be very intimate to do such a thing, but that he was not mentally prepared for that at the time.  He even said to the contrary, that if he sees or smells poop during any kind of sex, he’s almost completely turned off and shut down sexually.  I don’t blame him.  But that’s also why man invented showers, douches, and streamliners.

He told me we would get together again when he didn’t feel so depressed and stressed out.  I have messaged him now and again to make sure he’s alright.  I haven’t heard from him in a while.  Though he is certainly worth mentioning.

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