Battle of the bulge

mc-bulgeBack when I was in school I was a varsity wrestler. I wrestled for over 6 years and was considered pretty good. I had won several tournaments, titles, and often times was depended on by the team to psych out my opponent. One thing I get asked is whether I ever got a boner while wrestling, and NO, I never did. But I like to think I fantasized about fucking around with other wrestlers all the time.

Wrestling practice was quite the ordeal. Ideally, I could lose about 10 to 15 pounds if I wore sweats and pushed myself during practice. By the end of it, you were ready to shower, eat dinner, and pass out. However, there is usually a very high amount of testosterone flowing through me by the end of practice. And that could make anyone unpredictable.

After practice ended one day, I headed into the locker room. Many of the guys from my team started stripping down at their lockers and either jumping into the communal shower, or going to check out their weight loss from practice. I typically went to my locker first, took off all my sweaty stuff, put my clean clothes off to the side, hung up my towel, and then put all my sweaty stuff in my bag before heading into the shower. Nothing is more soothing than getting a nice warm shower after sweating your ass off at practice.

I always checked my weight after practice, just to keep track. I was almost always within my weight class, but it didn’t hurt to keep track for personal goals. The smaller guys were another story, they often were checking themselves before, during, and after practice. And they would get totally nude just to have the most accurate weight possible. So I grew accustomed to seeing their tight, bare asses standing in front of me as they each hopped on the scale to check their weights. Very few of them had bait and tackle worth looking at.

So I was in the shower, getting clean, and I noticed the only other guy in the shower was our 170lb backup, named Roger. He was about 5’9’’, blonde, blue eyed, and had a pale, but tight, bubble butt. I would stare at him while he soaped up his ass, pulling his cheeks apart to get at his hole and wash the dense blond fur along his crack and taint. It’s almost like he wanted an audience. I couldn’t help but watch.

It was at this moment that Roger looked over his shoulder and saw me eye fucking him from my side of the showers. We could clearly hear the other guys packing up their stuff and heading out the doors. Roger said nothing, he just started looking me up and down. My dick started to get stiff as I rubbed and washed my cock and balls for Roger to watch. His cock was starting to get hard too. It was about 8 inches, but a very thin cock. He had a full bush with dense blonde pubes that were all soapy as he continued to touch himself. He had lean, sculpted legs with fur all over them.

He slowly turned back around and bent over, rubbing his wash rag down his sexy legs, one at a time, side to side. While he was bent over, his soapy balls hung down right below his furry taint and his beautiful, tight ass. I watched the suds and water cascade down his crack, I could see him flexing his hole at me. He wanted it bad.

We waited until all the other guys had left the locker room. I was near the entrance to the shower so I ducked my head out and looked around. Everyone had left. It was silent. I turned around and walked right up to Roger. He was grinning as I approached. Right before I put my hands on him, he said to me, “I didn’t think you were into me. I thought you had a girlfriend?”

I replied, “I haven’t had a girlfriend in over a year. I find guys are a lot less trouble. Have you done this before?” I started to run my hands over his chest and begin to twist and rub his nipples. He sighed and licked his lips. I could tell he liked my technique. His dick started to point straight up and he even pulsated once to make it jump. That’s when I reached down and started pulling on his cock. He looked at me, in pleasant disbelief.

He whimpered, “I’ve been with a guy before, but never been fucked. And the other guys weren’t as big as you are. You’re massive! Big chest, huge arms, and one of the fattest dicks I’ve ever seen, FUCK!”

I reached around and started to squeeze his as and run my fingers along his lower back down to his taint. He was melting in my arms. I pinned him up against the wall of the shower. I started to kiss him slowly, while the warm water cascaded down our backs and the steam drifted around us. I nibbled on his neck and pulled his hair while I jammed my tongue in his ear. He was squeeling with delight.

I pulled away from him and started to push him down by his shoulders. He stared up into my eyes as he took the initiative to squat down in front of me and taste the water that was running down my body. He took hold of my rock hard prick, dripping with warm water, and started to jerk it with a great grip. I ran my fingers through his hair and he leaned in and started to take the head of my cock into his hungry mouth. He had some trouble at first. I felt a little bit of teeth, but he adjusted his form and was able to get his sexy lips wrapped around my fat member.

He gripped my balls with one hand while stroking his with the other. He started to suck it with a great rhythm, twisting his mouth up and down my shaft, every few seconds using his tongue to lick around my head and my piss slit. He was really hoovering my cock down. From the timid start, Roger was doing great. He was deep throating my cock perfectly. And he would pull away with a sloppy long spit trail. I would just reach down and scoop it up, and drop it back on my cock for Roger to lap up.

I looked down at him, moaning between him slurping on my fatty, and asked, “Have you ever had your ass rimmed before?” I reach down and pulled his head away from my cock for him to answer.

He gagged, and spit up. Then he smiled and said, “One guy did it to me before, but I don’t think he was very good at it.” So I reached down and helped him up off the floor. Then I spun him around to face the wall. I put my arm in the middle of his back and made him arch his ass at me. I told him to hang on to the shower. So I knelt down and started to wash his butt. I wanted to clear away all the soap before I feasted on his tasty furry ass. It was such a nice hairy butt crack. Dark blond hair running down his crack. I pulled his cheeks apart and slowly ran my finger across his crack and his hole. He jumped a little bit when I swiped his puckering ass.

I was salvateing like a hungry dog. I got down on my knees and started licking and teasing his hole with my fat tongue. I remember running my lips over his hairy crack and knudging my nose up into his hole. I was humming and sucking and feasting on his tasty ass. My dick was dripping precum all over the shower floor. Roger was squirming up against the wall the more I shoved my face inside of him. I pulled away and stared at his wet hole, hair glistening, dripping from the shower. I looked at his hole and imagined my cock deep inside.  I stood up and starting to slide my cock across Roger’s ass. Feeling that hairy crack brush up against my throbbing cock was amazing. I was just about to soap up his hole when I heard, “What are you boys doing here!?”

We turned around, terrified, to see our coach, stark naked, rock hard, and standing at the entrance to the shower. He was a sexy muscle daddy. Well defined chest and arms, hair all over, a little belly. His cock must have been a firm 8”x6”. He had a big hairy bush, and an eagle tattoo on his thigh. It looked like the eagle would drop down on anything that came between his legs. Coach also had some huge nuts. I always noticed them during practice when he was standing up doing demonstrations. He was staring at us both, stroking his hot daddy meat. He had this steamy look in his eye. We didn’t know what to do. I was petrified.

“Didn’t know you boys liked man sex. Everybody else went home, why don’t you guys come out here in the locker room with me” my coach said from across the shower. We shut off the water and followed our coach out into the locker room. Coach walked over to one of the benches and stradled it stroking his big meaty dick. He motioned for Roger to get on the bench with him. Roger knelt on the bench and leaned forward to start sucking Coach’s dick. He took his head in his mouth and started to suck and lick the shaft. I moved over behind Roger and pulled his cheeks apart. Then I looked up at coach and he looked back at me and said, “that’s right, eat that boy’s ass, get him ready to get fucked!   You want that boy?” He grabbed the back of Roger’s head and started to face fuck him and choke him with his big coach cock.

I just kept tongue fucking Roger’s hole. He was squirming in between sucking down coach’s dick. Coach decided to switch it up. He told me to lay down on the bench. He stradled my face and lifted his furry ass cheek up and sat on my chin. He started to rub his hole across my lips and it smelled fantastic. His ass was still fresh from practice. He worked my nipples and moaned. Roger was between my legs sucking on my throbbing cock and balls. God it felt great. Coach grabbed him by the head and started fucking his mouth again, this time making Roger gag and choke on his fat daddy dick.  I was munching away on coach’s hole while Roger was servicing his big dick. I could hear my coach slapping Roger on the tongue with his dick. I pulled out from under coach and started licking his horse nuts while Roger was gagging on his cock.

“Get back down there and suck his dick boy!” Coach barked at Roger, pushing him back toward my crotch. Coach hopped up off my face and disappeared into his office. I just layed there and Roger kept sucking my cock like it was his only mission in life. He was really good at handling my thick meat with his tongue and lips. He inhaled my dick all the way to the base, gagging each time.

Coach came around the corner from his office. His big daddy dick was flopping around in the wind. He had this huge smile on his face. He was our coach, and was getting off on fucking around with two of his wrestlers. He came walking up with a tub of Boy Butter. He pulled off the lid and scooped a nice wad of the lube into his right hand and then he rubbed it all over his cock. He jerked it forwards and back. He smacked it on his hand a few times to get it rock hard. Then he took a little more lube from the tub and smeared it all over Roger’s hole. Roger quivered when he felt the cold butter being rubbed into his hungry hairy ass. Coach started to slide his cock over Roger’s crack. He had his hand on Roger’s back, pushing him down and into my crotch. He wanted him bent over far enough that his hole was wide open for him. Coach lined up the head of his huge dick was Roger’s virgin hole.

“You ready for some of Coach’s raw dick up your hole boy? I’ve been waiting to do this for a while.” Coach reached down and started to guid e his cock up Roger’s hole slowly. Roger was in pain. He whinced as Coach started to work the tip of his shaft in and out of his hole.

“Fuck yes sir, but don’t hurt me. Never had a dick up my ass before. Only a few fingers and a little vibrator.” Roger started sucking really hard on my cock, he froze coach’s dick started to go deeper.

“Ah that’s good boy. Coach is going to pop your cherry. I’m going to fill your ass with my seed boy!” Coach started to work and wiggle his dick getting deeper inside Roger on each thrust. He had one had on Roger’s shoulder and another one on his hip driving his daddy dick deep inside Roger’s virgin hole. Coach started to pick up his pace, and Roger started to push back into Coach meeting his thrusts and taking that bare daddy dick balls deep in his ass. I could hear Coach grunting and pounding away at Roger’s ass. His balls were clapping right against Roger’s. Coach fucked him really hard and then stopped with his dick deep inside Roger. He grabbed a fistful of Roger’s hair and pulled him off my dick.

“You like coach’s dick up your boy pussy?” Coach yelled.

“Fuck yes sir, wreck my ass. Give me all that fucking dick!” Roger replied, reaching back and pulling his cheeks further apart for Coach. Coach slapped his ass and then pulled all the way out of Roger and stood over to the side of us. I looked up and coach was staring at me.

“You need to break him in too Hunter! Get up there and wreck his hole with your big fat dick!” I hopped up and pushed Roger down. Roger was holding onto the bench for dear life. Coach held out the tub of lube and I reached over and grabbed a glob to rub over my cock. My coach had this hungry look in his eyes. He was really turned on fucking around with two young studs. I lubed up my dick and lined up my mushroom head with Roger’s hungry hole. I started to slowly push my cock deep inside his boy hole. My steady strokes had Roger moaning, but not cringing in pain. I guess coach had broke him in a little bit before me.

I started to pump his hole deeper and deeper. My balls were tingling and I could feel Roger’s warm hole squeezing down on my cock while I got further up his ass. He grunted with each thrust I pounded into him. You could hear our skin slapping together as I kept drilling deeper inside him. I reached down and rubbed Roger’s nipples from behind. He pushed back into me, and I kept a steady pace banging away.

My coach was standing there, stroking his nice piece of meat. He kept staring at the two of us in heat. He reached over to the tub and started lubing up his cock again. He looked me in the eye.

“I want to try something.” Coach smiled. He walked over behind me and started to rub my ass. I was turned on, but also frozen at the same time. Coach started to rub lube down my ass crack. He was probing my hole each thrust into Roger’s ass returned to Coach’s finger a second later. I was lost in the moment. Coach started to dry hump my ass whilst I was continuing to plow Roger.

I put Roger on his back and made him pull his knees to his chest. I rammed my cock back up inside him while Coach watched over my shoulder and stroked his meaty dick.

Coach whispered in my ear, “You ready for this boy?” He started slapping his big cock on my thick ass. Then he started to rub his cock up and down my crack. He started to finger my hole while I kept at it drilling Roger’s ass. He put one hand on my hip and he pointed his juicy dick right for my man hole. He clamped down on my hips as he started to pierce my sphincter with me . Fuck did it hurt. Coach’s raw dick was slowly being shoved in my hole. It felt wrong that my coach was taking advantage of two horny young wrestlers, but at the same time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Coach eventually wiggled and pushed his cock all the way up my ass. I whinced in pain. I had never had a dick so big up my butt before. I slowly started to fuck Roger again pumping up in this fuck hole while pushing back on Coach’s daddy dick. I could feel Coach’s heart beating through his thick veiny cock lodged deep up my ass.

“Fuck yeah man! Taking coach’s cock like a pro!” Coach yelled, as he started to bend me over so he could get deeper up my ass. He started to pump away at me, which in return, was causing me to fuck Roger deeper and harder. I could feel coach’s balls slapping up against my ass.   This was an amazing sensation. I always fantasized about Coach breeding my hole after practice, and here he was, with his big daddy dick firmly shoved up my hole. I was entranced. I just kept the rhythm

Coach pulled out of my ass and walked around to the other side of the bench where Roger laid. He kept jerking his cock while I was dicking Roger for everything it’s worth. My cock was gliding in and out of Roger’s ass. Roger was moaning and grunting from how hard I was slamming my dick into him. You could hear loud violent slapping as my balls kept hit his tight young ass.

Coach squatted over Roger’s face and pointed his cock straight down and stuck it in Roger’s hungry mouth. Roger kept moaning even with Coach’s fat dick in his mouth. Coach was starting to throat fuck Roger while he watched me drill away at his ass. Roger’s eyes were wide as he stared at me with coach’s dick hanging out of his mouth. Coach grabbed the back of Roger’s head and forced his meat all the way into the back of Roger’s throat. “You like the taste of Hunter’s ass Roger?” Coached roared as he pushed his dick deeper into Roger’s mouth. Roger started to choke , but Coach just held his head there. Roger tried to pull away, his eyes were watering. Then Coach pulled his head off his dick leaving a huge spit trail hanging from Roger’s mouth. Roger was really into being spit roasted. He was in heaven with a dick in both ends.

Coach eventually started to sit on Roger’s face. He wanted to have his ass eaten. He lifted up his cock and balls and started to dangle his taint and hole over Roger’s face. He slowly hovered over Roger’s mouth while Roger met it with light flicks of his tongue.

“That’s good boy, but you need to get in there a little deeper!” Coach yelled, as he began to smother Roger’s face with his beefy, furry, man ass. He was grinding his hips against Roger’s mouth. All you could hear from Roger were the loud hums of him tongue fucking and eating Coach’s ass. Coach was working is nipples with one hand while jerking his meat with the other. He was staring into my eyes.

“You want to fuck the coach Hunter? Show me what you got?” Coach grunted at me. He reached over and punched me in each of my pecs while I was still pounding away at Roger’s ass.   Coach hopped off of Roger’s face and helped him up. He reached for the tub of lube.

“I want to sit on your big fat dick. You want to fuck your coach buddy?” Coach moaned. I knodded my head and sat down on the bench. Coach stood in front of me, his big, wet cock flopping around. He kneeled between my legs and started to suck my cock with a rabid hunger. He reached over and grabbed Roger, and put him to work on sucking my cock instead. Coach stood up and started to lube his hole. He was reaching back and slicking up his crack for my big dick. He tapped Roger on the shoulder and got him to move off my dick. He turned around and started to squat down on my cock. Coach had an amazing, beefy, hairy ass. His crack with covered in dense, dark fur covering up a beautiful man hole. Right before he sat down on my dick, he reached back between his legs and put more lube all over my cock. He even wiped some on my nuts and taint.

He grabbed my cock and started to guide it up his furry hole as he sat down on my dick. Once the head of my cock was through his hole, he let out his huge moan. He started to slowly bounce and slide on my dick. Coach was taking inch by inch inside his beefy ass. Eventually he took his hand away and started to sit all the back on my dick. I couldn’t believe it. I was fucking my coach raw in the locker room after wrestling practice. His daddy ass felt amazing. He started to pick up the rhythm and drop himself down on my cock with a faster pace. I planted my feet on the floor and started to fuck up into his tight hole.

“Fuck yeah boy, show coach how to fuck!” Coach was stroking his cock and Roger was working and sucking on Coach’s nips. Coach was bucking and pouncing up and down on my shaft. He stuck his tongue out and started to grind his hole on my dick. My balls were clapping and rubbing against his furry taint. Coach had never been fucked by one of his wrestlers before, so this was a real experience for him. Coach grabbed ahold of Roger’s head and started to kiss him while he bounced on my prick. I just kept slamming my hips up into Coach’s ass. I wanted to give him my best. And the look in his eyes told me I was disappointing him.

My nuts started to tingle and I felt the urge to cum about to take over me. Coach was using his hole like a vacuum to suck and squeeze my cock up inside of him. He was move his ass so fast and so hard I couldn’t contain myself.

“Fuck Coach! I’m going to cum!” I yelled as I began to pump a hot creamy load deep inside Coach’s ass.   “Fuck yeah! Breed my hole boy!” Coach moaned as he started to churned my cum inside his ass. He started breathing heavier and stroking his cock faster and then he squeeled. He grabbed Roger’s neck and forced him down between his legs.

Coach yelled, “You ready to taste Coach’s load boy?” Roger opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. While still riding my cum drenched dick, Coach started to moan and beat his cock into oblivion. He starting to spray globs of cum all over Roger’s face and down his throat. Roger was stunned by how much cum was coming out of the coach’s dick. Coach grabbed Roger by his hair and dumped his load all over his tongue. He grabbed thrust Roger’s head down on his dripping cock to clean off all that remain. Roger started twitching and moaning while he gagged on Coach’s huge milky load. He started to pop off streams of cum all over Coach’s foot and leg. Roger tried to swallow down Coach’s load, although most of it leaked out the sides of his mouth down his chin. Coach pulled his dick out of Roger’s mouth and slapped his face with it. He pushed Roger down to his leg and made him lick the cum off of him.

“Yeah that’s a good boy! Lick up your jiz.” He lifted off of my dick and my half hard dick dropped from his hole. Roger ducked under coach and started to clean off my shaft too. Coach hopped over us and started walking toward the showers. He turned around half way and said, “Time to wash up boys. That was a hell of a work out.”

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