New Release: Brush Bangers

New Release at “Brush Bangers” with Lanz Adams and ZJ Woods.

Lanz has his own landscaping business. He’s very handy around the house. ZJ has been checking out Lanz ever since he started doing his lawn. Lanz is hard at work when ZJ comes to inspect his work. Lanz takes the opportunity to subdue and seduce his client until submission. He starts fucking ZJ in the mouth. ZJ gags and spits all over Lanz’s fat juicy cock. He ties ZJ up with rope and blind fold hims for something kinky. He leaves him tied on all fours until he finishes his work. He returns at sun down and mounts ZJ. Lanz eats away at ZJ’s ass and lubes up his cock for business. Driving his dick deep up into his hole. Railing ZJ with everything he’s got. Lanz takes a break from fucking to suck off ZJ. ZJ eventualy gets the upper hand and bends Lanz over for a hot raw fucking. He pumps his hips deep inside his ass. Eventually Lanz gets on his back and takes that dick with his legs pulled back to his chest.Watch it all now.

-Hunter Scott, The Monster Cub

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