New Release, “Impulse Fuckers”

Dakota visited me around the beginning of the year. He was super eager to get into porn. I wanted to make sure he had a good time while in town. Once he arrived, I told him to chill out while I takea shower before we went to dinner. As I was scrubbing up, he was in my room rubbing one out. He gets so into it, I stumble across him when I walked into my room. Realizing how horny we both are, I take advantage of the situation and have Dakota lay back for a long awaited blow job. I have never sucked a dick with a piercing quite like this. Then I rolled back his nice, fit legs and started to gentley eat his hole. He moaned so loud I thought the neighbors would hear us. He told he had never been rimmed before. And that it was his second time to ever get fucked and wanted me to own his ass. So I made him suck my dick to get it hard and wet. We tried a few different positions before I managed to get my raw chub balls deep in his virgin asshole. I really wanted to stretch Dakota out. He gets so stimulated in this video, he leaps right off my dick at some points. Worth a jerk and laugh for all you guys.



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