New Release: MonsterCub pounds Puppy! starring Hunter and Lanz

Once Lanz arrived, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I had him down on his knees and my cock in his mouth without even saying a word. His mouth felt amazing, such a great cock sucker. He stared up into my eyes as he slurped away. I could tell he really enjoyed it. I helped him up off his knees and got him down on the mattress. We start to 69 in the best way. He continued to devour my dick and slobber all over my balls and shaft. I sucked on his long uncut dick the best I could to keep up with him. Then I started to eat his hole out so I could lube it up and tease him while he sucked me off. He kept asking me to fuck him already, so I put him on his back and slowly slid my cock completely inside him. I thought he would scream in pain, but in fact he smiled as his eyes rolled back into his head. He was in heaven. I start to pick up the pace and fuck him harder and deeper, while he jerked his cock in a fury. A storm of tongues and kisses followed as we switched positions and I entered him from behind. His hole felt so good, I couldn’t hold back for very long. I blew a huge juicy load up his hole as he laughed with pleasure. After I pulled out a torrent of cum spilled out of his hole onto the mattress. Lanz flipped over onto his back and I help him get off too. We lay there, breathing heavy, sweaty, and balls drained.


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