Nursing my Ego

….with great bedside manner

Before I moved to Fort Lauderdale, I had come down on vacation during my college Spring Break in 2010 and in 2011.  Well my trip in 2011, was by far the better of the two trips.  I met a lot of people, partied all week, worked on my tan, and had lots of guilt free sex.  The last day of my trip, I met someone who still is part of my life today.

My buddy and I went to Rosie’s for their famous Sunday Brunch.  We arrived during prime time and the place was utterly packed to the seams.  My friend recognized a buddy of his and we asked if we could join him and his friend because we didn’t want to wait for a table ourselves.  His friend was a sexy, tall, stoic muscled white guy.  He had a big furry beard, religious tattoos running down his bulging arms and across his back.  I could easily see how built this guy was, because he was only wearing a tank top and shorts.  He had a deep voice with a mild New York accent.  He was definitely my type.  I will refer to him as “The Nurse.”

We sat next to each other at the table and he told me about how he had been in Atlanta all week while I was down there on vacation.  He told me how this trip went sour.  That there were no hot guys in Atlanta that week and he didn’t hook up with anyone.  He mentioned how horny he was and that he was looking for a big guy…just like me.

His buddy needed to leave and go do something, so this hotty, this nurse, walked him out to his car.  I continued to sit there with my friend and have another round of drinks.  We kept talking and reminiscing about my great trip that week, as it was the last day I was there.  The nurse and I had exchanged numbers and he kept texting me.  How much he wanted to get fucked by me, sending pics of his huge, uncut cock, and his juicy bubble butt.  I replied, “it sucks that you weren’t around this week.”

My friend finally told me that I should just go hook up with the Nurse.  I told him, I think my window had closed.  He told me that the guy had literally circled the bar, and walked behind me to cruise and check me out 3 or 4 times in a half hour during our last round of drinks.  So, I nonchalantly got up to go pee, and I looked behind me, and he was sitting under a palm tree, feet crossed, Corona bottle nestled in his lap.  He was looking down at his phone, waiting for my text, looked like the loneliest guy in the world.

I walked over to him, and sat down beside him.  His frown instantly turned into a nice warm smile.  I put my arm around him and pulled him closer to me.  I told him he looked lonely and that I thought I would ask what he’s doing the rest of the day.  He perked up and told me he was just going to head home and watch some March Madness.  I asked him if I could come with him.  He hopped up and told me to follow him to his car.  Once we hopped in his car, he was all over me…kissing me like crazy, hands all over my body.  Eventually I got him to calm down, and we headed for his house.

Once we got inside his apartment we went into his room.  He said it would be smart to put the mattress on the floor because we were both big guys, and the bed frame would probably pop from our combined weight and force from what was about to go down.  We were all over each other.  Both of our strong hands working over each other’s beefy bodies.  He had such huge arms and a great ass.  Firm, slightly hairy, and certainly something I wanted to put my dick in.  He kept saying how sexy I was and I just returned his compliments with equal praise.  I started groping his cock through his gym shorts and it was very long, and rock hard.  His cock was by far one of the largest cocks I’ve ever played with.  I pulled his shorts off in a hurry and kicked mine off as well.  We still were making out, our tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths.  I pushed him down to his knees by his shoulders and slapped him on the tongue with my pulsing, throbbing cock.  He kept saying how I had this super fat dick.  He promised he’d do the best he could to suck it for me.  I let him suck on the head, and I slowly started to fuck his face.  He was moaning and slobbering over every inch of my fat dick.  Spit and saliva was rolling down his chin.  I asked him how it tasted, he replied, “Pretty fucking good.” And he kept sucking away.  I was firmly gripping the back of his head and really fucking his throat deep.  Then I pulled out and slapped his face with my cock.  I made him lick my balls and put them in his mouth one at a time.  He would stare up at me, with his big brown eyes, just to check and make sure I loved every second of it.  He was stroking his big long cock wildly.  He was slapping it all over the floor as he groaned with my fat cock stuffing his face.

Eventually I pushed him back onto the bed and I got between his legs.  I saw that massive piece of meat and I had to get a taste.  I reached up and pulled back his foreskin.  I started to lick and suck on the tip of his big long cock.  It tasted amazing, like smoked sausage.  I timidly tried to suck his dick, getting the first few inches into my mouth, and then a few more down my throat.  He was moaning loud, loving my warm mouth servicing his big ol’ dick.  I was squeezing his balls with my left hand, while I stroked my own cock with my right.  I was in heaven.  I eventually pushed his legs back, and began to prod his hungry hole with my big wet tongue.  He grabbed under his knees and pulled his legs back further so I could really feast on his delicious ass.  I was munching, humming, and tongue fucking his hole like it was the last piece of ass on Earth.  He was squirming all over the bed.  He grabbed the back of my head and jammed my face deeper into his ass.  I was really sucking and licking his hole to tease him for what would come next.

I stood up and started to slap my cock on his hole.  I began to prod his juicy hole with the fat tip of my cock.  He said, “Yeah, put that big fucking dick up my hole….stretch me out man.”  I asked him if  he was negative, and he replied that he’d been negative two weeks prior and hadn’t been fucked bare in over a year.  He wanted me bare because he knew that if I wore a condom, it would have more friction in his hole and it would probably hurt more.  I had just been tested that week while I was on vacation, and am still negative to this day.

He held his legs back and stared down at my cock as I slowly began to work the head up into his sphincter.  He winced as I got the head of my cock past his opening and nudged it deeper inside.  He yelped and looked up at me.  He exclaimed, “You mother fucker!  Don’t hurt me! You gotta go slow bro.”

I drove my dick into him further.  He sighed and relaxed…allowing my cock to go deeper.  He stared up at me, mouth agape, panting, eyes wide.  I could feel his tight hole gripping my cock like a vice.  I drilled deeper inside until my balls were resting against his butt cheeks.  Once I got there, he grabbed my back and pulled me closer.  He told me to hold that position for a second as he relaxed more.  We held that spot for thirty seconds and made out rather ravenously.  I was kissing and biting his neck and lips.  He was trying to suck my tongue into my mouth.   My cock was pulsing and no doubt dripping precum inside his willing ass.  I started to slowly pump my cock in and out of him.  He moaned and groaned in my ear.  He was slurring obscenities with whimpers of pleasure.  I just smiled and pressed myself into him.  He gasped for air, and gritted his teeth.  I could feel every inch of my cock grinding against the walls of his hole, opening him up more and more.  I was stretching him into the perfect shape to turn him into my little bitch.

I started to pick up the pace, ramming my cock in and out of him.  I could hear my balls slapping against his ass frantically as he held on for dear life.  When I pulled my cock out of his ass, his hole quivered and winked.  I grabbed him by the ankles and really took control of him.  He slid pillows underneath himself and arched his back like a pro bottom, ready for a gang bang.  I took my dick out of him and rolled him over onto all fours.  I pulled on his big dick.  Making sure it stuck out between his legs.  I stroked it and teased his hole. I wanted him to beg me to fuck him more.  He yelled, “Please give me some more of the huge dick….I fucking love it.”  So I spit directly into his hole, tugged on his balls and cock a few seconds more, then I lifted my cock up and place the head into his inviting ass.  I harpooned him with my dick, driving my shaft all the way inside him in one hard thrust.  He screamed, but I just shoved his face into the bed.  I wanted him to know who was in charge.  I proceeded to grab him by the ankles and fuck him like I was pushing a wheel barrow.  I was grunting and sweating all over him.  My balls were slapping up against his, he was pushing himself back into me, savoring every inch I could give him.  I eventually had one hand on his hip and the other on his shoulder.  I leaned forward, and bit down on his other shoulder, just to make sure he knew a hungry bear was drilling his ass.

He stopped me for a second, wanted to take a break.  So we separated for a minute and caught our breathe.  He told me he wanted to try fucking me, and a little bit of horse play insued.  There was no way his big cock was going inside me that day….I just wasn’t prepared for that.  So we wrestled around until I finally forced him to bend over again.  This time we were both standing at the edge of his bed.  I slammed my cock up his ass.  Loud slapping and wet noises filled the whole apartment.  He was screaming and moaning to keep pounding his ass.  He must have said fuck over 200 times.

I started to feel close to blowing my load.  My balls were tingling, his ass was milking my cock with everything he had.  I told him I was about to cum.  He told me he wanted me to give him a facial, so I pulled out, and he got down on his knees in front of me.  He was staring up at me, working his cock wildly, like a wet fish, just out of water.  He was kneeling there, beating on that huge piece of meat.  God, it was a beautiful dick.  He groaned, “Give me that fucking load man…shoot it all over me.”  I felt the surge of pleasure on the tip of my cock and started to blast my load all over the Nurse’s chest and face.  He kept his mouth wide open, catching bits of my jizz that flew into this mouth and face.  Licking his lips and working his cock, he roared like a tiger, and blew a huge glue like load all over his stomach and thighs.  He was panting hard, drenched in my cum and his own.  My load was literally dripping down his chin, rolling down his torso, and onto his own huge dick.  I bent down and give him a big kiss, tasting myself on his lips.

We took a shower together, and got to know each other better.  Then he gave me a massage and was convincing me to move to South Florida as soon as possible.  The Nurse and I are still friends today.  We have had sex quite a bit since that first encounter.  We have even taped some porn together, but because of his wishes, I never published any of it online.  And he still regards me as one of the best tops he’s ever known.

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